Importing from Latvia to the UK

Importing freight from Latvia to the UK is easy with Barrington Freight’s range of services that will get your shipment to its destination quickly and easily regardless of whether you are shipping a full load, partial, or groupage. Haulage with us is simple with our Latvian partners and network to help send your cargo.

Latvia is a centre of business in the Baltic states at the crossroads of northern and eastern Europe, with excellent transport links for road freight in and out of the country, making export to the UK a breeze. In addition, Latvia’s robust economy, skilled workforce, ease of doing business, plus the wide use of English as a trade language mean that the trading relationship with the UK is strong. Post-Brexit however, there are more considerations to account for when importing goods into the UK. As the UK is no longer an EU member and Latvia is, there are now additional customs and duties, plus regulations over particular goods to consider when sending your consignment. Always speak to your freight forwarder and customs agent for the latest advice.

Customs and Duties

With so many customs changes post-Brexit, it’s best to work with or at least take advice from an experienced freight forwarder and customs agent. They will know all the up-to-date logistics news to transport EU goods into the UK. All goods from external countries in the European Union are now treated as from any other foreign or “third” international country and will require Customs Declarations. These will be needed for all imports, along with an EORI number necessary for both the UK and EU sides of the border. It’s vital to have these arranged before sending your goods, so there are no delays to your shipment arriving at its destination. 

It’s worth checking with your customs agent if your goods are eligible for the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement for “zero tariffs”. Still, it’s important to remember that being approved for this does not exclude the need for the required customs paperwork. VAT Reciprocal agreements may be in place for your goods but always confirm this. When working with us, our expert team will advise accordingly on this and many other things. 

Road Freight to the UK from Latvia

Regardless of the goods being conveyed, road freight and haulage to the UK from Latvia is punctual and easy with Barrington Freight, even with the increased customs obligations. In addition, we offer rapid services, which currently take 7-9 days for groupage, 3-4 days for a full load, and 2-3 days for express shipping. If you need a different time frame, have a chat with one of our Barrington advisors.

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We aim to eliminate any hassles and stress that may come with business imports from Latvia to the UK when you use Barrington Freight services. We will ensure your cargo arrives at its delivery point on time and safely. If you have any further questions, want more information on our services, or for an unusual load request contact our sales team on 01268 978660 or email [email protected].