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Hong Kong FlagIf you are a business in the UK looking for a reliable, honest and professional freight forwarding company, we can help you send your commercial freight to Hong Kong.

We carry business / commercial cargo only UK to / from Hong Kong. For personal goods, house moves and car shipping we recommend our partners Anglo Pacific

Based in Essex, we liaise with over sea agents to arrange selling space in sea containers bound for Hong Kong to exporters wanting to ship goods between the two countries.

Hong Kong; a city famous for the Victoria Harbour Night view from the Peak and freshly baked egg tarts, as well as being a world power in financial markets and boasting more skyscrapers than any other city, sea freight to Hong Kong remains popular with exporters, year on year.

For more information now, simply call 01268 525444 and discover how we can help you with all your sea freight shipping requirements to Hong Kong.

Situated on China’s south coast and with an impressive 5,945 miles between the UK and Hong Kong, if you require port to port shipping services, Barrington Freight are here to help. Being able to deliver to the main port known as Hong Kong Terminal our efficient, cost effective and reliable services offer unparalleled reliability and flexibility, each and every time.

Our sea freight services between the two destinations take approximately 32 days to arrive in Hong Kong so with our frequent and time definite departures, our transit times provide peace of mind to all who choose to use them. Naturally, if your commercial goods need to arrive at Hong Kong at a speedy time specific date, air freight services would be recommended.

But for the vast majority of exporters, sea freight services are ideal due its convenient, cost effective and precise delivery options, meaning such options are suitable for businesses wanting to buy space on either 20ft or 40ft sea containers allowing greater flexibility for all.

Offering LCL, FCL, pallet delivery and part load consolidation services destined for Hong Kong, we are pleased to be able to offer businesses and exporters two different sized containers for the transportation of your goods.

All you need to do is confirm how much space you would like to buy within the sea containers and we will sort the rest.

Our small yet knowledgeable team of staff are experts in their fields, have a genuine interest in their roles and are very approachable being they are on hand to answer any questions, queries and concerns you may have regarding your sea shipping experience.

Able to decipher the often technical ‘jargon’ associated with the world of freight forwarding, our staff members can relay this information to you in a clear and concise format so it is easily understood by all.

And, to ensure you receive a truly personable experience when you opt for Barrington Freight, we assign an individual member of our team to deal with the whole process from beginning to end, providing peace of mind and continuity in the sea shipping procedure. Any worries, concerns or questions you may have, please just ask, that is what we are here for!

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So, if you require a freight forwarding company to transport your commercial goods from the UK to Hong Kong, call Barrington Freight on 01268 525444 for more information, today.

Where is Hong Kong located?

Hong Kong is located on China’s south coast