Professional Customs Clearance Imports to Newcastle Airport

The largest air terminal in the Northeast of England, Newcastle International Airport (NCL) is located just to the north of Newcastle upon Tyne. This makes it the ideal airport for many businesses that import from overseas suppliers in the region. It is also a convenient airport to use for imports if you intend to ship items directly to your customers in locations like Scotland, the Northwest and even further afield. Newcastle Airport Freight Village handles much of the cargo shipments that pass through the airport. Since about 2005, cargo shipments through the airport have shot up dramatically. Various cargo ground handling agents operate from the airport coping with a monthly average of around 450 tonnes of freight each month.

Of course, to get your consignment to Newcastle International Airport will mean procuring the services of an air freight operator but getting them through customs once they have touched down in the UK is another matter. All sorts of things must be checked on arrival including the EORI registration number of the importer. Matters like duty, excise and VAT will all be expected to be fully declared on the importation paperwork as well. Bear in mind that this now includes imports from European Union countries since the UK left the EU’s customs union. To make sure they get their paperwork in good order prior to it being inspected by HMRC, many British importers make use of Barrington Freight’s expertise in customs clearances.

To be clear, we operate as professional customs clearance agents at many locations throughout the UK, including Newcastle Airport. Why worry that you have made an error with your commodity code or VAT declaration when we can take care of these things for you? Importation businesses that make errors with their documents will often find their consignments don’t pass through the airport as quickly as they otherwise would. Why wait when we can ensure a much faster transition?

A Sole Service Provider for Freight Forwarding and Customs Clearance Services

Even though we can operate as customs clearance agents at Newcastle Airport in our own right, many of our clients choose us because we also have a great deal of expertise with freight forwarding. As Barrington Freight delivers these two sorts of services from within the same operations team, it means being able to handle both matters in tandem. If you have entrusted us with the shipment of your goods from China, Singapore, Malaysia or Turkey, for example, and want us to also act as a customs clearance agency on your behalf, we can do so with ease.

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Obtain High-Quality Customs Clearance Importation Work From Barrington Freight

As our team of experienced customs clearance agents know the inner workings of Newcastle International Airport so well, you can trust us to do a great job with your imports. By making sure we are fully prepared, everything should be to the customs officers’ satisfaction by the time they come to inspect your importation paperwork. Call us now or send us an email to [email protected].