Formerly known as Abbotsinch Airport, Glasgow International Airport (GLA) is under nine miles away from the centre of Scotland’s most populous metropolitan city. Almost 16,000 tonnes of freight passed through the airport as recently as 2017 and the hub is an important one not just for the local economy of this part of Scotland but the entire UK. The airport’s runway is over 2.6 kilometres long meaning that it can handle most of the large air freight aeroplanes currently in use globally. Therefore, any British importer who is thinking about their onward logistical supply chain in the north of England and throughout Scotland may well want to make use of it as an importation hub.

Of course, what British-based importers also need to consider about Glasgow International Airport is how quickly, or otherwise, their consignments might be able to be unloaded by ground handling crew and prepared for their onward journeys. Part of this will involve customs checks, however. It is only by making sure you have completed all of the necessary HMRC declarations correctly, that you can help to ensure that your goods are not unduly delayed at the airport. Such delays are not uncommon, especially since European goods arriving in Glasgow from EU states are also subject to the same sorts of declarations and physical inspections as those from India, Singapore, China or Turkey, for example.

To better expedite the smooth flow of imports through the customs processes at Glasgow Airport, importers should appoint a customs clearance agent who is well-versed in the usual practices at the airport. At Barrington Freight, we provide just such professional services and can advise you on what to do about EORI registration, HMRC commodity codes for different classes of goods and how to handle things like excise duty should it apply. We have a wealth of knowledge that will be at your disposal should you choose to appoint us as your preferred customs clearance agency.

Freight Forwarders and Customs Clearance Agents Working Together

It is noteworthy that, unlike many customs clearance agencies working in the UK today, Barrington Freight also functions as a freight forwarding firm. Therefore, if you need guidance with all aspects of your imports, we can provide a comprehensive service that will deal with your consignments from whenever they leave your supplier’s stockroom to the moment they get to your warehouse. We’ll negotiate with air freight operators on your behalf and ensure all of your importation documentation is ready to be processed by customs officers without the sort of mistakes that are so easy to make unless you are an expert in this field.

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Whether you want advice on whether to import to Glasgow International Airport or Prestwick or would like to understand your VAT obligation when importing certain types of goods to the UK, our operations team will guide you in the most cost-effective way to proceed. With many years of experience to draw upon, you can expect a high-quality service every time. Feel free to contact us right now.