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International Freight to Ibiza

Ibiza is a beautiful island in the western Balearic archipelago off the Spanish coast, with so much more going for it than its famous nightlife. However, it’s the nightlife that accounts for much of the freight deliveries, so we have dedicated road freight services to and from the island. We run a weekly service and can ship your goods on-demand, ensuring your shipment arrives quickly and on time as and when you need it. In addition, our extensive fleet of express freight vehicles located across the UK means our team can get your cargo on the road in no time at all.

We have decades of experience managing exports and imports so your cargo will be secure the entire way. Even with the additional post-Brexit requirements, you can get your shipment on its way and through the customs on time with our expert advice and assistance. We are experienced at helping clients gather additional paperwork and fulfilling requirements on both sides of the borders for a quick and easy shipment.

Freight Forwarding to Ibiza

We work with clients to deliver single pallets to full containers of cargo with our Ibiza road freight services while being cost effective. We maintain contact with our drivers throughout the journey while utilising high-quality GPS systems to track your cargo and map out the best routes for our drivers to take the fastest roads. We can even provide status and location updates to give accurate arrival times so you can know precisely when your shipment will arrive.

Alongside our excellent overland road freight services, we offer bespoke ferry crossings too. Frequent ferry crossings from Barcelona, Valencia and Denia also increase our services’ frequency, with Ibiza Town and San Antonia’s main Ibiza ports and beyond via van to complete your delivery directly to addresses including San Carlos, Jesus, San Juan, San Miguel and more. Or elect to collect your shipment from our warehouse. 

Regardless of your preference we ensure that your shipment reaches its destination or is available for collection in good time. We even offer a reliable 4 day express service for urgent shipments. Our Ibiza road freight service offers a cost-effective and fast delivery service at an affordable price.

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If you have any questions, reach out to our Barrington Freight team who will be happy to assist you. Or for further information on our road freight services to and from Ibiza, or if you have an unusual load request, reach out to our sales team on 01268 978660 or email [email protected].

Where is Ibiza located?

Ibiza is an island in the Mediterranean Sea 79 km off the coast of the city of Valencia in Spain.