We can help you to transport car parts to Europe and Worldwide

As a result of the current economic climate, many people are looking to “repair rather than replace”. This has meant that the demand for second hand car parts has increased and with the UK Pound still weak against the Euro many people are exporting / importing car engines and car parts to and from Europe.

Although UK cars are right hand drive and European cars are left hand drive, this does not mean that many of the parts are not interchangeable. Many parts fit both types.

We don’t just get asked to ship parts for everyday modern cars, we have previously shipped classic bus parts to Malta, packed and freighted a race engine to Australia, delivered a mercedes bonnet to Gibraltar and transported a Lamborghini engine to Italy

We arrange shipping for car engines and car parts, we can arrange all paperwork and export documentation for you.

If you are considering buying car parts or car engines to ship to Europe here are a few pointers –

* be sure to remove all liquids from engines
* send engines strapped to a pallet preferably
* make sure all fragile parts are properly packed for European Road Transport
* consider arranging freight insurance for high value items
* make loading and off loading arrangements, heavy pieces may require a tail-lift vehicle
* used car parts can be located online from https://www.breakeryard.com

If you have car parts to ship to Europe, call our experienced team today.