Officially classed as the UK’s busiest container port, thousands of consignments pass through Felixstowe every single day. In fact, 3.85 million twenty-foot equivalent container units, or TEUs, are handled at the port every year, making the Felixstowe in the top ten of container ports in the whole of Europe in terms of capacity. Almost half of Great Britain’s containerised trade passes through the port, so it is of huge significance to both import and export firms.

With so many British businesses now importing goods directly from ports in the Far East nowadays, so much more of the UK’s international trade relies on containerisation. Ocean-going vessels leave ports like Shanghai, Singapore, Busan and Zhoushan on their way to the UK practically every day, many of them bound for Felixstowe. Even ports closer to home, such as Antwerp and Rotterdam, will tend to send containers to the UK via Felixstowe because of its convenient location on the North Sea.

However, importers who have not prepared their customs declarations properly will often find that their goods are delayed by customs officials at the port. This is why a customs clearance agent with in-depth knowledge of the way Felixstowe Port works can be so beneficial. Why have goods held up unnecessarily while importation documents are sorted out when a good customs clearance operation could get your imports on the road and be used to fulfil orders instead?

This is exactly why you should consider Barrington Freight as a customs clearance agent for imports via Felixstowe. We have the professional expertise to draw upon that will make all the difference when your goods arrive in the UK.

Freight Forwarding and Customs Clearance Import Services Via Felixstowe Under One Roof

As a freight forwarding company, we arrange all sorts of matters for importers, including origin handling and freight insurance. However, not all freight forwarders also have the necessary skills to act as a customs clearance agent. At Barrington Freight, this is not the case, because we can combine our freight forwarding services with expert importation customs clearance for you.

 We will be able to ensure that your firm is properly registered with HMRC for importing goods to the UK, for example. We are also adept at dealing with often troublesome matters like declaring the right commodity codes that customs officials will want to see with each and every import. Furthermore, we can assist with custom clearance services for Felixstowe-bound imports with respect to VAT and any excise duties that may be required by law.

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Ask Barrington Freight to Resolve Your Custom Clearance Issues For Felixstowe Imports

Getting customs clearance in Felixstowe right is not just about ensuring your goods make their onward journey to you and your clients as soon as possible. It is also about keeping HMRC happy and ensuring imports are not impounded or even investigated more fully. We have the licenses and know-how to get to work with making the right declarations even before your imports arrive at the Port of Felixstowe. Why not call our operations team to find out more about how we can help you?