Exports that will be air freighted to overseas destinations via Edinburgh Airport (EDI) need customs clearance paperwork to be prepared and Barrington Freight is on hand to take care of all of the technicalities involved. Because dealing with customs clearances is a highly skilled job, not that many British export firms have the necessary know-how to ensure their goods won’t be held up by customs officers while issues with declarations are resolved. This can cause a substantial delay at Edinburgh Airport if the paperwork is not in good order to begin with. At Barrington Freight, we will complete your customs clearances for you so that there is no reason for HMRC to hold your consignments up, thereby allowing them to pass through unhindered to the airside cargo handlers.

As a leading customs clearance agency in the UK, we work with numerous Scottish exporters who make use of the various air freight service operators working at Edinburgh Airport these days. Our expertise will mean that we can handle every aspect of your exportation documents whether you are shipping items to the European Union or to clients in trading territories further afield. Given the airport’s location, close to the economic centre of Scotland, it is hardly surprising that so many goods are sent for export through one of the busiest air hubs in the UK. If you want to ensure that your shipments are not delayed at the international border while clarifications and problems are sorted out, then turning to Barrington Freight is likely to be your best option.

Customs Clearances For Exported Goods Via Edinburgh Airport

Because Barrington Freight has an extensive amount of knowledge about the workings of Edinburgh Airport, we are the ideal choice of customs clearance agents for exporters in the area. However, it is not simply our prowess with this particular airport that makes us stand out. That’s because the operations team at Barrington Freight also boasts an unrivalled level of expertise with the customs declaration system operating in the UK today, one that all British exporters are expected to comply with.

Whether you are exporting to the Far East or much closer to home, such as the Republic of Ireland, for example, we are on hand to ensure your goods are accompanied by documents that adequately inform customs officials of what is being exported. This paperwork will be in accordance with any online declarations that have already been made concerning your exports including, for instance, matching EORI numbers and commodity codes.

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Freight Forwarding Via Edinburgh Airport and Customs Clearances Combined

Because Edinburgh Airport lies close to two motorways, getting goods there by road is often the best option. Please note that, as a freight forwarder, we can pick up your export consignment and take it to the airport on your behalf as well as arranging for it to pass through its customs inspection without a hitch. Even better, we can deal with the air freight operator on your behalf and arrange for the onward transit of your goods once they have landed.