At Barrington Freight, we have a great deal of experience with all aspects of freight forwarding. Whether you are looking for a customs clearance agent, better ways to organise exports to the European Union or freight insurance, we can help. One area of specialism that should not be overlooked is our work providing drop shipping freight services.

Designed to help drop shipping businesses to operate more efficiently and to succeed, the services on offer from Barrington Freight cover all aspects of consignment management. It is worth noting just how much of a growing sector drop shipping has become in the UK in recent years. And yet, many businesses stall – and some ultimately fail – because they don’t have a clear system of freight management in place. 

Simply put, without the expertise and experience of Barrington Freight behind you, your imports from China and other countries that supply you can be delayed and even go missing. This will lead to unnecessary customer dissatisfaction, a rise in the level of needless administration you need to sort problems out and a consequent lack of focus on growing the enterprise’s sales and marketing operation.

What Is Freight Forwarding in the Context of Drop Shipping?

To understand what we do better, it is first best to mention that the majority of UK-based drop shipping enterprises simply advertise goods for sale online and when orders come in for them, they automate orders for those items from overseas suppliers. Many suppliers of consumer products and electronic gadgets exist in the world but the majority of them are located in China. Drop shippers effectively subcontract their order fulfilment to their suppliers who ship goods directly to customers in the UK. 

Problems tend to arise when suppliers cannot fulfil orders, however. Even worse, they will say they can get orders delivered to your customers and then fail to do so. This is usually caused because of delays at Chinese ports when goods don’t have the right paperwork or are sent in the wrong manner, perhaps by sea container when they should have been despatched as high-value items via air freight.

Similar problems can arise when goods arrive in the British Isles, especially if you don’t have the right EORI registration required under UK law or the correct commodity declarations made against the class of goods you are importing. HMRC is responsible for confirming goods entering the UK are legally allowed to do so and to collect any tax or duty that might be payable against them. Get it wrong and your customers’ orders might be sitting on the dockside at Felixstowe or elsewhere for a significant period.

What good freight forwarding does is to ensure orders are managed in a speedy way so they leave your supplier and get to the UK without unnecessary delays. Equally, the onward transportation and delivery of the goods will be handled as soon as the consignment gets past its inevitable customs checks. Again, with Barrington Freight behind you, dealing with all the paperwork associated with such inspections will be handled for you.

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