Next day delivery has become a standard expectation across the UK as of late, but here at Barrington Freight we’ve been offering this service for quite some time. Our dedicated team proudly deliver freight across Europe in as little as 24 hours, and your shipment could be next! Your urgent deliveries can be shipped from A to B in just a day to key locations across the entirety of Europe including Spain, Germany and France to name only a few and at a cost-effective price to suit your requirements.

Our base in Basildon, Essex at the locally famed Bowden Terminal gives us a prime location near the M25 and other transport links for easy access to London and other major towns and delivery routes in the nearby area. However, with over one hundred vehicles available at strategically placed locations across the UK, we are even able to offer reliable next day delivery to all of our clients regardless of their location.

During the shipment, your freight will be in the hands of a two-person team to ensure the minimisation of any delays or disruptions during the journey. What’s more, we’ll even look at routes each time we deliver to avoid heavy traffic, road works and to utilise any new journey plans that could have your shipments delivered much more quickly and efficiently. Our team have plenty of experience driving European roads, so you can rest assured that your shipments are in knowledgeable and trustworthy hands. If you need that extra peace of mind, you’ll be pleased to know we’ll even maintain contact with our drivers throughout the entire journey and will track their routes with GPS tracking, providing you with a detailed progress report upon request.

Whether you are looking for a way to ship your film & media shipping, pharmaceutical goods, machinery parts or even networking & IT forwarding. Well, look no further Barrington have you covered. Take a look at our locations below or fill in our online form for a free quote! If you’d like more information or have any special requests, feel free to get in touch with us today.

Italy Flag

Italy is well known for its popularity as a famed tourist destination, but did you know they’re a leading location for exports? Everything from machinery to footwear is shipped to and from Italy, and with easy access through the Eurotunnel or via the Channel ports, our drivers can utilise well-travelled roads to reach the famous boot of Europe. Our tailor-made next day delivery services to Italy are second to none and can even be altered to fit time constraints and budget.

Sweden Flag

For safe, well-maintained roads that are perfect for deliveries, Sweden is one of the countries of choice. Our next day and express services to Sweden are quick, efficient and perfect for any fragile cargo on this route as a result. We won’t compromise on speed either, so whether you’re in need of the speed of next day delivery or would prefer the lower cost with our 48-hour or 2-day delivery services, we’ll fit a quote and service to your requirements.

Holland Flag

Whether you’re looking to deliver to or from Holland, here at Barrington Freight we can navigate the Dutch motorway system with ease! Our in-depth knowledge of the roads, accompanied by quick availability of our express freight vehicles makes next day delivery to Holland a breeze. Our 48-hour and 72-hour services are also quick, efficient and perfect for those on a tighter budget – simply fill in our quote form for more information.

Germany Flag

Did you know that Germany is the third largest importer and exporter in the world? Sitting at the centre of the European trade market, this country is perfect for next day delivery services not only due to their position of power, but also due to their lack of universal speed limit! While each of our drivers will ensure safe and sensible driving at all times, they’re also experienced in navigating these unique driving conditions so you can rest assured that your deliveries are in reliable and efficient hands.

Belgium Flag

Belgium can be known for its congestion, and lesser experienced companies could fall prey to hours spent sitting in traffic. However, here at Barrington Freight we have the experience and knowledge of Belgian roads to navigate with ease and assure that your delivery reaches its destination in the arranged time. Our vast knowledge can give you peace of mind knowing that, whether you’re shipping commercial or non-commercial shipments or are in need of urgent haulage, you’re in good hands.

France Flag

With the Eurotunnel and efficient channel ports available at any moment, our drivers can ensure that your next day delivery shipments reach their destination in France in under 24 hours. You can send your time-sensitive cargo with our teams knowing that they’re dedicated to delivering your cargo in good time. Whether you’re shipping to Paris, or one of the smaller, quintessentially French towns, our next day delivery could be the ideal solution.

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Luxembourg flag

With an outstanding communications network and an amazing road system, our next day delivery service is fast, reliable and perfect for time-sensitive shipments. Our experienced teams can navigate the roads, motorways and more in this charming country, and with a specialist freight consultant always on hand to give you advice, guidance and updates on your shipments, you can rest assured that we’ll put service as a priority.

Spain Flag

Home of sun, sea and sand, Spain is so much more than just a popular tourist destination. This bustling country is full of business opportunity and next day freight delivery is in higher demand than ever before. We’ll deliver your goods swiftly with expert knowledge of Spanish roads, regulations and the most efficient routes no matter the size of your shipment! We can collect from anywhere in the UK and deliver across the entirety of Spain with our express vehicles.

Austria Flag

Austria’s motorway system is something to be marvelled, making fast and efficient next day delivery easier than ever before. We’ll make sure to carefully calculate our next day delivery routes so your shipment will reach its destination in less than 24 hours and in perfect time. What’s more, we also offer express services that are perfect for those on a tighter budget, but will still ensure your shipments arrive in 48-72 hours!