Exporting to Spain from the UK

Brexit and COVID have knocked the Spanish import industry, but many UK companies are still exporting to Spain. Although the transit now requires additional customs paperwork, there is still a thriving market for goods into the country – we can get your cargo where it needs to go and make the process straightforward and seamless from beginning to end. Take a look at our advice below to get started shipping to Spain.

Customs into Spain

As Spain is part of the European Union, your business will need an EU and UK EORI (Economic Operator Registration and Identification Number) to ship there. Customs use these numbers on both sides so they can trace your goods and clear them through the customs processes quickly and easily. Without these numbers, goods will be held at the border and delayed. For more information on how to apply, read What is an EORI Number to get started. 

More paperwork is now needed for submission now that the UK is not an EU member. What is required entirely depends on the goods in your consignment, so it’s essential to understand and research any additional declarations that will clear your goods efficiently through border controls. Shipments will be subject to delays and fees if incorrect paperwork is presented. If you would like more details on things to know, visit the government advisory page

VAT and Duties

Spain sets its own VAT rates while following some rules set by the EU Customs. When exporting from the UK, duties are due for consignments from any “third country” outside the EU. With the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement, it’s possible to send goods tariff-free if manufactured in the UK, and the details declared to customs. This free-tariff agreement is set in both the EU and UK directions if it is from the country of origin. Be sure to look into specifics for your goods to plan for additional costs if applicable. 

Making a Declaration

Shipping is simple when customs declarations are made right, however, one mistake can hold up the entire shipment and get your goods stuck at the border and likely incurring fees that must be paid before their release. There are two options to complete these forms – complete them yourself or hire an expert to ensure no unnecessary delays. Choosing an individual or company with experience exporting from the UK to Spain to manage the process will speed the process. 

Special Licences and Certificates

Depending on your cargo, you will need special licenses and certification to allow your goods to transit. Discover what these are and sort out your paperwork before shipping to avoid delays and border issues.

Get Sending

Exporting goods to Spain from the UK may seem complicated since Brexit, but with the support of a professional freight forwarder with decades of experience, we can manage yours stress-free.

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