If you ship goods overseas by having them pass through the port of London Gateway in southern Essex, then you will want to make sure that there are no problems with the customs inspections that will be made there. This is something Barrington Freight can help with. After all, before any consignments can pass through the port and onto vessels, they will need to undergo HMRC’s processes. If you have not filled out your paperwork properly or something is missing with your declaration, then customs officials can hold your consignment up and not allow it to continue with its onward journey out into the Thames Estuary and beyond.

To avoid potential hold ups and even having goods impounded at London Gateway by officials, it is important to ensure you have a slick customs clearance operation in place for your exports. The trouble with this is – for many exporting firms, at least – is that they do not possess the in-house skills to get this work completed on time or correctly. That’s why appointing Barrington Freight as your customs clearance agent would be so beneficial. We have a wealth of experience in all matters relating to export customs clearances at London Gateway and other major ports in the country.

Expertly Handled Export Customs Clearances Via London Gateway

As professionals in customs clearance work, we can assist your business to speed up its export processes even if you don’t have an EORI registration at the moment. For more established exporters who may just need our advice on certain technical aspects of customs clearance work, we can still provide a high-quality service that only means paying for the customs clearance work you need. Our approachable team will deal with each request for customs clearance agency work on a case by case basis to make sure each shipment arrives at London Gateway fully prepared to continue the next leg of its journey with no unwanted downtime at the port side.

We have been working as export customs clearance agents at London Gateway and elsewhere for many years. As such, we can help with matters like master reference numbers, export invoicing and certifications for different classes of goods. We can also act on your behalf should customs officers fail to approve an inspection for whatever reason, helping to ensure a swift outcome is reached.

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Ask Barrington Freight to Provide Freight Forwarding Services, Too

Whether you are shipping a few items on a pallet or have a truckload of goods in your consignment, Barrington Freight can provide top-class freight forwarding services as well as act as export customs clearance agents. Unlike many agents that deal with customs clearances at London Gateway, we combine our freight forwarding work with our export declarations so that everything is handled by the same operations team. This makes our service offering more cost-effective and efficient. Please call or email us to find out more about how this can benefit your business so that you can offer a more streamlined delivery service to all of your overseas clients.