Jiangmen river port is the second-largest port in China’s Guangdong province, opening up to the South China Sea. The United Kingdom trades heavily with China, importing computers, furniture, construction material, clothing, footwear, medical equipment and toys. Guangdong province mainly exports telephones, computers, video display sets and other electrical components such as circuits and light fixtures. One of the primary considerations when importing from China is how to get your goods to your doorstep. Here is a simple guide to help you choose the best option when importing from Jiangmen port to the UK.

Sea Freight from Jiangmen to the UK

If you need to import heavy or bulky items such as construction materials, sea freight is your only alternative. With sea freight, you get various options, including taking a full container or splitting it up among several different loads.

Sea freight is also the most affordable option and the most practical way to import from the Jiangmen river port. However, moving your goods by sea also has some disadvantages. For example:

  • Your goods will take a minimum of a month to get to you. Sometimes, sea freight takes over two months.
  • Due to the large amount of time that goods spend on the sea, there is a high chance of damage or loss.

Air Freight From Jiangmen to the UK

If you have fewer products and want them to arrive in the UK in the shortest time possible, air freight is the way to go. Moving your goods by air has some advantages such as:

  • The high level of security offered by tightly enforced airport cargo safety regulations.
  • You can receive your package from any location in the UK, as many airlines have broad networks that span the entire United Kingdom.

However, before you choose air freight, keep in mind that:

  • Regulations on size and weight limit what you can transport, making this means of transportation unsuitable for heavy items.
  • Extreme weather conditions can cause planes to be grounded and airports to close, delaying your shipments for several days and making the service unreliable.
    Air freight comes with the highest expenses.

Get a Specialist Freight Forwarder

Experienced importers use specialist freight forwarding services to reduce the time and effort required to manage and organize transportation. Rather than handling everything by yourself and dealing with different shipping companies, a freight forwarder will handle all of the paperwork, organize every aspect of the shipment process, and give you a single point of contact. You’ll have direct access to a staff of qualified and experienced freight forwarders, as well as 24/7 tracking information and reports whenever you need them.

An expert freight forwarder will save you time and money by removing much of the administrative work involved in shipping yourself.

Labels and Invoices

Remember to ask your supplier to include all the following on the labels and invoices:

  • Details of the exporter,
  • Details of the importer,
  • Quantity of the goods,
    Value of the goods,
  • Commodity codes, and
  • A full description of the contents.

Make sure that the invoice is typed and that no one makes any manual additions or changes.

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