Increasing numbers of importers use Belfast International Airport (BFS) for goods arriving in Northern Ireland from mainland Great Britain, the European Union and even countries further afield, such as Turkey. In 2013, the airport accounted for about 40,000 tonnes of air freight in a typical twelve-month period but this looks set to rise significantly in the post-Brexit period because the airport offers a suitable alternative to the land and sea haulage routes many importers were used to. One of the key aspects of shipping cargo by air is, of course, the fact that it provides a great deal of speed. However, customs officials still need to undergo all of their processes with air freight consignments and this is where unnecessary delays can occur.

At Barrington Freight, we operate as a customs clearance agency with in-depth knowledge of how to handle imports into Northern Ireland given its unique status. We have all of the necessary accreditations to deal with imports whether you are moving goods from overseas to Northern Ireland via a distribution hub in Britain or the European Union. We also have the licenses in place to handle the paperwork requirements of customs officials in nearly every country in the world, including the Far East as well as North and South America.

In short, if you are importing goods from virtually any trading nation around the globe, we are here to ensure you are registered to take receipt of your orders without causing any delays at the border or VAT inspections down the line. Our professional service makes sure that things like consignment coding are correct so that your goods won’t be unnecessarily held up at the airport and can continue to make the onward journey into Belfast or, indeed, to locations in the Republic of Ireland.

Freight Forwarders and Customs Clearance Agents Working Together

As Belfast International Airport has a growing importance in terms of freight shipments, certainly insofar as air freight operators are concerned, so has the demands placed on customs officials. What this means is that you will need to ensure your documents are in good order if they are not to be delayed or – even worse – impounded. As customs clearance agents for imports in Belfast, we won’t just deal with your customs paperwork, however.

Our expertise with freight forwarding will also mean we can offer you a door-to-door service so that your import is managed for you from the moment it leaves your supplier to the time it arrives with you. Our operations team deals with both sides of imports under one roof, thereby helping you to manage more effectively every aspect of their journey.

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Based in Essex, we have a wealth of experience in customs clearance work in Belfast and elsewhere. Whether you need help negotiating freight rates or need professional assistance with global trade activities to help improve your supply chain integrity, we are here to put you on the right track.