Exporting to Austria from the UK

Exporting to Austria can be straightforward with Barrington Freight. We have decades of experience shipping across the continent and work to make the entire transporting process stress free even with the additional post-Brexit customs obligations. There are many new regulations as Britain is not part of the EU anymore while Austria is still an EU member. As such, they follow the applicable rules of the Eurozone for importing alongside some of their own. It’s essential that you are aware of all customs obligations to ensure quick and easy transit of your cargo. 

Road freight is a standard method of transporting freight from the UK to Austria with a quick Eurotunnel journey in-between, and with our extensive fleet of vans and trucks, we can help you export to your delivery point on time. We can even organise multiple drop-off points if required.

Customs UK to Austria

Austria is an EU country while the UK is no longer a member, so exports to the EU are treated as those from a foreign country with a host of different customs considerations that you need to be aware of depending on what cargo you are sending. One such requirement is an EORI (Economic Operator Registration and Identification Number) number which must be held for both the UK and EU and will be checked on each side of the borders. Our blog What is an EORI Number has more information on this particular requirement. Depending on what you’re sending will determine the customs paperwork needed, so check with your freight forwarder and do your research. Without all your ducks in a row, your consignment will face delays and likely more fees, duties and excise. 

VAT and Duty Fees

Speaking of duties, there are more to pay post-Brexit for most exports from a “third country” which the UK is now classified as. There is currently an EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement in place that allows tariff-free trade to Austria if the exporter proves the goods being sent originated in the UK. The exporter must swear this in a customs declaration. For more information about tariffs due, speak to your customs agent or freight forwarder. 

How Do I Declare?

Customs declarations are an essential part of the shipping process, and getting it wrong will land you in trouble and facing delays. Of course, it’s possible to DIY the entire process. Still, we recommend hiring an experienced professional who understands how to declare your particular shipment to ensure a smooth and easy transit process. Your agent must operate from the UK (county of origin), so we recommend our agents when you work with us. 

Transit Times to Austria

Transit times to Austria depend on various factors, including customs clearance but on average, delivery takes 5 -6 days for groupage, 2-3 days for a full load, and 1-2 days for express. 


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Barrington Freight has comprehensive experience exporting to Austria from the UK. With our fast and efficient service options, we can help you navigate the complex new system, cut your customs and transit times for easy exporting. For more information about our services, or if you have a unique shipment request, reach out to our sales team on 01268 978660 or email [email protected].