Importing from Poland to the UK

As the ninth largest country in the European Union (and bigger than the UK), Poland – known locally as Polska – is a breathtaking country of beautiful cities, ancient castles, with diverse and sometimes wild landscapes. Poland also has a bustling economy and lively export market, so there are plenty of products to import to the UK. We are experts at providing quick and efficient service with many years of experience shipping to and importing from Poland, so you can trust Barrington Freight to handle your consignment with speed and professionalism. 

While regulations are more complicated and have more requirements post-Brexit, including additional customs obligations and paperwork, Barrington Freight has specialist experience freight forwarding from Poland. We do everything we can to ensure your cargo arrives on time and fulfils all the customs requirements so there will be no or minimal delays at the borders. We offer 48-hour, next-day, and express delivery services, guaranteeing easy transit from Poland to the UK no matter what you send. We’ve made a handy list below to help you get organised for your Polish imports.

Customs Requirements from Poland

Both an EU and UK EORI (Economic Operator Registration and Identification Number) is required and provided to border agencies. Read What is an EORI Number for how to get started. More paperwork is often needed and presented to customs post-Brexit depending on what goods you ship, so thoroughly research what you need; otherwise, your shipments will face delays and accrue fees. For further details, visit the UK government advisory page

VAT and Duties

Customs duties are due for consignments from the EU to the UK, but with the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement, tariff-free can be claimed if the goods have originated from Poland, and the fact must be in a sworn customs declaration. There are excluded goods, so be sure to research what you are planning to send and additional costs to consider.

Making a Declaration

Customs declarations completed correctly make shipping easy, but even a tiny mistake will mean customs agencies can hold good at the border. You can fill out the commercial shipping declarations for your business, or better yet, hire an expert to ensure you don’t hit unnecessary delays or red tape. Barrington Freight has extensive import declaration experience importing from the UK from Poland to manage the process, and our agents are always on hand to help with documentation as our clients require. 

Special Licences and Certificates

Depending on what goods are in your consignment, the EU and UK borders will likely need special licenses and certificates. 

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Importing goods from Poland and the EU may appear tricky at first glance, but the entire process can be easy and straightforward with support from a professional freight forwarder with decades of experience. Create a stress-free shipment with us.

For more information about our services from Poland or if you have an unusual load request to anywhere in the world, reach out to our sales team on 01268 978660 or email [email protected].