Importing from Slovenia to the UK

Barrington Freight can assist with all of your freight forwarding needs from Slovenia to the UK quickly. Contact us if you need goods sent via express, as a full load, partial load, or groupage. We will get your shipment through customs to its destination on time.   

Slovenia is a beautiful but small alpine nation with an amazing history and culture, breathtaking countryside full of verdant green landscapes, cave systems for the adventurous, and also a bustling economy that thrives on trade. It is one of nine rising economies in Central and Eastern Europe. As a result, it’s a market with import and trade possibilities for UK companies, even post-Brexit when doing business in Europe and the single market is more complicated. Slovenia’s major exports include cars, car parts and larger vehicle/ machinery parts, electric machinery and associated components, pharmaceuticals products, chemical products for various industries, and furniture. These are all in demand in the UK, so even with more tariffs to pay and additional paperwork for customs clearance, the attraction of trading with Slovenia’s Strong and growing economy makes these issues easier to overcome. 

Slovenia is also a gateway country to the southeastern EU markets with strong trade and economic links with neighbouring Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, which has ensured well-connected infrastructure. In addition, the great roads and connections are perfect for road freight transfers if you are looking to trade with multiple countries in the area. Plus, it’s an easy country for UK businesses as English is spoken widely as a language of commerce, so quality goods can quickly be shipped both ways. It also has comparable company, legal and technical regulations to the UK, making it a welcoming trade market. 

So with abundant possibilities for UK companies, if you are looking to import from Slovenia, give Barrington Freight a call to learn how our company and experience can help your shipment breeze into the UK. 

Customs Responsibilities

You will need EORI’s for the UK and EU – read our blog, What is an EORI Number to get started. There are also post-Brexit increases in customs declarations and paperwork so get guidance from a licensed customs agent to get it right and avoid delays at the border. 

VAT and Duties

Shipments from Slovenia to the UK are all subject to duties and VAT obligations, so once again, we suggest taking advice from your freight forwarder and customs agent, plus have a discussion with your accountant for VAT guidance. 

Road Freight to the UK from Slovenia

Haulage destined for the UK from Slovenia currently takes 1-2 days express, 5-7 days for groupage, and 2-3 days for full or partial loads. If you need a faster delivery schedule for your goods, talk to the Barrington Freight team.

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