Exporting to Croatia from the UK

Croatia is known for beautiful beaches, lush parks, food and wine, along with spectacular culture and history. It’s also a hub for importing in Eastern Europe. Are you thinking about exporting goods to Croatia? Croatia has become increasingly affluent, and with English now the preferred business language, it’s an easy place to do business for British companies. In addition, the country is a gateway to trading with other countries in Central and Eastern Europe – a market that offers excellent potential for British businesses. In addition, transportation is accessible from the UK. As a result, Croatia imports are valued at nearly twice as much as they export.

With longstanding trade relations with the UK, Importing to Croatia makes a lot of business sense for many companies. Speaking of imports, Croatia is a top importer of aviation technology, machinery, electrical goods, wood pulp, textiles, and fuels and ranked the country 66th in the world.

Customs Clearance

Croatia is an EU country, so there are more regulations now for UK companies post-Brexit. Still, with a bit of planning alongside assistance from expert freight forwarders and a customs agent, your freight sending can be simple and easy. Brexit means increased customs paperwork as the UK is classified as a “third country” by the EU, so obligations, declarations, and paperwork are now needed. Understanding customs is easier with a team of experts, so call us to discuss streamlining your shipping processes. One same requirement is an EORI (Economic Operator Registration and Identification Number) for the EU and the UK – see our blog What is an EORI Number. Specific regulations are also in place for sending, including products and packaging meeting EU standards, multi-language labels with one language being Croatian. Speak to your freight forwarding and customs team for more information on all the particulars for your type of goods. 

Duties & VAT

If your consignment and business are registered for UK VAT, it’s possible to zero-rate goods to Croatia, granted particular conditions. The VAT rate in Croatia (called PDV) is 25%, with all companies in Croatia required to pay another 20% tax. Duties are determined by the goods you send so research, and get advice from your customs agent and freight forwarder before sending. 

Transit Times Croatia

Freight forwarding and transit times to Croatia can vary, but on average, we deliver within 8-10 days for groupage, 3-4 days for a full load, and 2-3 days for express delivery. Precise timings depend on customs clearance and delivery locations ultimately, however. So talk to our team if you need your goods to arrive faster than the quoted times and find out how we can get your goods delivered on time.   

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Barrington Freight are expert at exporting to Croatia. With our service options plus an in-house customs team, we’ll help you navigate the complexities of customs controls while reducing transit times. For more information, or for an unusual shipment request, call our team on 01268 978660 or email [email protected].