Established as one of China’s first Special Economic Zones in 1980, Zhuhai is a modern city that is well-known to many European and North American businesspeople since it is located close to both Macau and Hong Kong on either side of the Pearl River Delta. Also known as Chuhai, Zhuhai is a prefecture-level city in the country’s southern Guangdong province offering good trading links to the UK via the South China Sea. With an official population of just over 2.4 million inhabitants, the city is of great importance to the Chinese economy. Anyone who is considering importing from China to the UK should be aware of Zhuhai and the many suppliers who are headquartered in the city that would be capable of sending goods directly to British firms.

At Barrington Freight, we have a wealth of experience helping British importers to get goods out of Zhuhai in a cost-effective and expeditious manner. Our know-how with both the Chinese authorities and UK customs officials means that we are ideally placed to help imports from Zhuhai to the UK to arrive on time with all of the correct paperwork. Why not ask us how we can help you with your company’s imports from Zhuhai today?

The Port of Zhuhai

One of the things that can confuse inexperienced importers is that the large, deep-water port of Zhuhai is also commonly referred to as Jiuzhou Port in the West. The Port of Zhuhai is made up of seven distinct areas including Gaolan, Xiangzhou and Tangjia among others. There are well over a hundred berths for ocean-going vessels in the port, over 15 of which are deep-water berths capable of accommodating the very largest container ships. For about a decade, the port has been handling 100,000,000 tonnes of cargo each year. In short, the port is one of the best reasons to choose firms in Zhuhai as trading partners since ships heading to the UK from it are rarely in short supply.

Zhuhai’s Free Trade Zone

As well as being one of the leading Special Economic Zones in China, Zhuhai has a so-called Free Trade Zone, or FTZ. The FTZ was established in the mid-1990s and means that different administrative rules apply to companies registered there. Essentially, this helps western companies to do business there. More than 150 foreign-funded enterprises now operate in Zhuhai’s FTZ, many of them in sectors like electronic manufacturing and assembly, telecommunications equipment production and medical equipment design. Although the FTZ also has some businesses that work with raw materials and heavy industry, sectors usually associated with northern China, the majority are high-tech manufacturing firms that offer British firms both flexibility and high standards of quality control.

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Help With Importing From Zhuhai to the UK

The freight forwarding professionals at Barrington Freight deal with imports from Zhuhai to the UK frequently. With all of our experience on your side, we can help to prepare your importation paperwork and choose the best consignment options so you will save both time and money. We can also assist with shipments that will be made via Zhuhai Jinwan Airport. Feel free to call us to discuss your requirements right now.