Exporting to Malta from the UK

Freight from the UK to Malta is straightforward when working with Barrington Freight. Shipments to Malta – whether they’re express, courier van, full or partial load, or even groupage, we can help your shipment breeze past customs. 

Malta is a gorgeous island off the Italian coast. It has many long sandy beaches, stunning scenery, along with historical and cultural wonders to discover. It’s a popular holiday spot due to its warm climate and so much to do and see. With 7,000 years of history, including the oldest temples globally, Malta has hosted the Phoenicians, Romans, Napoleon and the British Empire. Add their stunning touches around the island to the medieval capital city of Valletta, and the list of interesting sights in Malta is endless. 

Malta is a popular tourist destination, with a hefty import economy to satisfy the needs of the sector plus many others. We will help you export your goods from the UK to Malta, ensuring the shipment arrives at its final destination on time. This endeavour can be more challenging post-Brexit. The extensive customs declaration changes need to be factored in before haulage is sent when there were none between countries in the Single Market. Commercial exporting to Malta is the same as any other international “third country” out of the European Union, but with Barrington Freight, our expert team will get your shipment through customs and on the road without cargo being held and makes sending still straightforward and simple. 

Customs Obligations

Your shipment will now need two EORI (Economic Operator Registration and Identification Number) for both the UK and Europe. Our blog, What is an EORI Number, has further information. Freight being transferred determines your paperwork requirements, so always take advice from an experienced customs agent.

VAT and Duties

Except when a consignment’s goods are covered by the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement, any shipment from the UK will be sure to have duties payable for them, including VAT. If you don’t have a VAT payment method set up with your accountant to cover your payments and take advantage of the reciprocal agreement between the EU and UK, these will be payable at the border. Speak to your advisors for more. 

Road Freight to Malta

Sending road freight is a quick and easy way to ship from the UK to Malta, especially with Barrington Freight. Our haulage services linking the UK and Malta currently take 6-7 days for groupage, full or partial loads. If your shipment requires a faster delivery time, speak to one of our advisors to see if we can help.

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