Bosnia FlagWe have every option for freight to Bosnia! From fastest express services through cheapest groupage, we cover every need. As established freight forwarders to Bosnia Herzegovina we have the contacts, knowledge and experience to ensure cargo arrives safely and on-time, at an affordable price.

We carry business / commercial cargo only UK to / from Bosnia. For personal goods, house moves and car shipping we recommend our partners Anglo Pacific

Our economy groupage services run weekly and as independent freight forwarders to we partner with reliable European haulage thus ensuring earliest possible delivery of your groupage to Bosnia.

Cheap pallet delivery services are our “raison d’etre”; whether groupage or part loads or full loads, euro / uk export pallets form the bulk of our haulage to Bosnia, and attract best possible shipping rates. We can provide you trucks with a tail-lift, so this is doubly convenient if you have no handling facilities of your own. We offer pick-ups or drop-offs across both countries, with our local partner depots who know their patch “like the back of their hands”.

How long does it take for freight to Bosnia to arrive with Barrington Freight?

Part load and economy groupage shipments may take 7-8 days to arrive at the customs warehouse, whilst full loads of haulage to Bosnia and Herzegovina can take as little as 5 days by road freight.

If you have time-sensitive exports or imports to or from Bosnia Herzegovina then don’t worry – we have express services too; the fastest of which are by dedicated express road freight van, offering 48 hour / 2 day services and even next day services (depending on exact locations). Bosnia Herzegovina is not a member of the EU, so we require commercial invoices for import and export customs clearance; but our Balkan freight experts can guide you, to make it a less daunting task.

Upon reaching Bosnia Herzegovina our local partner depots handle the distribution logistics, visiting cities and towns including Sarajevo, Banja Luka, Tuzla, Zenica, Bijeljina, Mostar, Prijedor, Brcko, Doboj, Cazin, Zvornik, Zivinice, Bihac, Travnik, Gradiska, Sanski Most, Lukavac, Tesanj, Velika Kladusa, Srebrenik and others.

Sending Freight To Bosnia Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a complicated country, defined by the Dayton Agreement after the Bosnian war 1992-95. A second tier of government comprises two separate entities – the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Bosniak and Croat) and the Republika Srpska (Serb) – each with roughly one half of the territory. All three ethnic groups have equal constitutional status on the whole territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

This led to a confusing plethora of names; the whole country may be referred to as simply Bosnia, though more properly Bosnia and Herzegovina or Bosnia-Herzegovina (“Bosna i Hercegovina” in Bosnian, Croat and Serbian – often abbreviated “BiH”).

The Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina comprises two historical regions of the same names, but excludes Republika Srpska. Herzegovina comprises 3 cantons (counties) of West Herzegovina, Herzegovina-Neretva, and Canton 10; Bosnia has 7 cantons of Una-Sana, Posavina, Tuzla, Zenica-Doboj, Bosnia-Podrinje, Central Bosnia, and Sarajevo.

Republika Srpska has no cantons, but is divided directly into 80 separate municipalities. The city of Brcko in the north-east is home to Brcko district, a self-governing administrative unit under sovereignty of Bosnia-Herzegovina; it is part of both the Federation and Republika Srpska.

Fortunately there are no active borders between the various entities, despite continuing tensions; however, the mountainous terrain, atrocious driving by many, dangerous overtaking on narrow highways, and generally poor condition of roads still make it difficult – there is little motorway, mainly the A1/E73 Sarajevo to Kakanj and E661 Gradiska to Banja Luka.

Shipping To Bosnia with Barrington

With such potential difficulties for cargo from the UK to Bosnia, you need to entrust GB-BIH consignments to an experienced freight forwarder to the Balkans; Barrington Freight to Bosnia is widely acknowledged as the best European courier for haulage to Bosnia, so why look elsewhere? Bosnian road freight is our speciality, for both express services and economy groupage to Bosnia, and also cheap pallet delivery – whether it is printers pallets, wooden pallets, plastic pallets, shrink/stretch wrapped, or cages / skids / stillages.

For urgent business-to-business exports/imports to or from Bosnia, fragile/secure or time sensitive shipments by dedicated courier van across Europe can transit in less than 24 hours non-stop; including London to Sarajevo or return. With two drivers to avoid rest breaks, our next day service is cheaper and easier than air freight to Bosnia! We also have 48 hour / 2 day services by express road freight vans.

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Where is Bosnia located?

Bosnia is in the Balklans, South Eastern Europe, between Croatia and Serbia. The country has just 12 miles of Adriatic coastline around the town of Neum.