The Port of Tilbury near London is located on the Thames Estuary. It handles bulk cargoes of many types but is particularly associated with the importation of paper and paper-based products. The port was containerised as far back as 1967 and a deep water riverside berth was opened up in the 1970s so that Tilbury could accommodate larger container-laden vessels. Today, there are no fewer than 56 operational berths at the port and over 30 working terminals. As such, 16 million tonnes of goods pass through it in a typical operating year, making the Port of Tilbury a significant one for UK-based importers everywhere, not just those in the capital.

As an Essex-based customs clearance agency, we are ideally positioned to help British importers to get their goods through the Port of Tilbury as quickly as possible. All too often, firms that attempt to make their own customs clearance declarations will make errors that can cause delays to goods passing through the port. Even very minor mistakes can lead to problems with UK customs officials, so it is crucial that British importation firms have a customs clearance agent working for them who can get all of the paperwork in good order even before their consignments arrive in Tilbury. This is exactly the sort of service that the operations team at Barrington Freight provides.

Professionally Combined Freight Forwarding and Import Customs Clearances at Tilbury

As a firm of freight forwarding specialists, we can help your company to get its overseas purchases to the UK in the most cost-effective and time-efficient manner possible. However, this work can be let down if you don’t also have an effective customs clearance working for you with in-depth knowledge of the operation at the Port of Tilbury. Helpfully, we combine both freight forwarding services and customs clearance work so you only have one team of professionals working for you. As such, British firms can obtain an end-to-end service by turning to Barrington Freight.

When it comes to your VAT and excise declarations, the team at Barrington Freight will make sure that all of the documentation is properly prepared so HMRC has no reason to delay your goods from making their onward journey into the UK. We will also help with often tricky matters like which commodity codes to use for the class of goods that are being imported. Importantly, we have the licenses in place to make such declarations regardless of where you are importing goods from. Our accreditations are constantly under review so we can assist with imports from the Far East and anywhere else in the world.

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Turn to Barrington Freight for Customs Clearance Work at the Port of Tilbury

If you are seeking a competitive edge by streamlining your importation processes and making sure your consignments are not held up by customs officials, then we are here to help. We have years of experience with customs clearance services at Tilbury and we’ll be happy to assist your firm with its imports in any way we can. Call us to discuss your customs clearance requirements at the Port of Tilbury today.