Road and Sea Customs Clearances for Exporters at Teesport

The operations team at Barrington Freight is well-versed in all aspects of customs clearance declarations for exports that will be passing through Teesport as a part of their journey out of the UK. As such, we are ideally placed to help all export firms in the northeast of England – and further afield – with their exportation operations. Teesport Docks are located on the southern side of the Tees, close to the river’s estuary, providing a convenient route for hauliers to make their onward journey to continental Europe. There are three berths at the port for Ro-Ro services. What’s more, Teesport provides regular sailings to both Zeebrugge, in Belgium, and Europoort in the Dutch city of Rotterdam.

As such, Teesport is an extremely useful one for businesses to use if they are sending goods to western Europe as well as further afield outside of the European Union. However, all goods that will pass through the docks will need to be checked prior to boarding a ferry that is bound for one of the two aforementioned ports. So long as the consignment is in good order, it will proceed but for this to occur, exporters need to make sure their paperwork is properly prepared. 

In this regard, Barrington Freight’s customs clearance agents can offer expert assistance. Unless you already have an extensive amount of knowledge about customs declarations in-house, using our export agents will be preferable. Please remember that our export customs clearances will not only allow your shipments to pass through Teesport unhindered but you will only need to pay for the service(s) you require, thereby helping your firm to save money.

Ask Barrington Freight For Customs Clearance Expertise When Exporting Via Teesport

Whether your company has already registered for an EORI number or not, we can help to improve the speed at which your exports leave the UK thanks to our extensive know-how with the export systems in place today. We have many years of dealing with exports from UK ports, including Teesport, to both European Union and non-EU states. As such, it doesn’t matter whether your consignment is destined for Istanbul, Turin or Toulouse, we will be able to help ensure it complies with all of the export regulations that are relevant. We will work to streamline each and every export consignment you have and help your firm to avoid avoidable delays at the international border.

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Expert Freight Handling and Customs Clearance Work Combined

As customs clearance agents who are experts in export declarations at Teesport, it is also worth noting that we have plenty of experience in freight forwarding, too. As freight forwarders, we can arrange for your goods to be collected and transported via Teesport with all of the correct paperwork in one fell swoop. Our operations team will handle both aspects of the job simultaneously, ideal if you do not have your own logistical operation and want everything handled together. Why not call us today to enquire about how this might benefit your export operations by getting deliveries managed more rapidly and cost-effectively?