Although London Gatwick Airport (LGW) is primarily known as a passenger terminal, it is also a significant cargo handling air hub in the UK. Since 2011, its pre-pandemic freight handling has been on an upward trend and around 100,000 tonnes can expect to pass through it in a typical year nowadays. The cargo handling area at Gatwick has a dozen self-contained storage units that offer both landside and airside access. Given Gatwick’s location is just to the south of London with convenient access to the M25 orbital motorway via the M23, it is often favoured by UK-based importers who want to receive the goods they have ordered from overseas suppliers as soon as they possibly can.

However, there are some steps that any consignments passing through London Gatwick Airport need to go through, not least the inspections that customs officials will need to make. In many cases, a visual inspection of the goods will be all that is needed so that deliveries can continue with their journey to their ultimate destination in the UK. However, delays and more thorough inspections are likely if the customs declarations that go alongside any imports are not complete or contain errors.

To help British importation firms who are using the numerous air freight services that fly into Gatwick, Barrington Freight can handle all of the customs-related paperwork and declarations. This way, there should be nothing to prevent them from moving smoothly through the customs processes and then being available to pick up or move on with a road haulage firm. We have extensive expertise in customs clearance work and also deal with imports via Gatwick Airport frequently. As such, our operations team would be the ideal choice as customs clearance agents. Why take the risk of completing this sort of paperwork yourself when even minor errors can cause such setbacks?

Benefit From Our Customs Clearance and Freight Forwarding Services

As a freight forwarding firm that also works as a customs clearance agency, we can combine both sorts of work to provide you with a comprehensive service. We have the necessary licenses to deal with border officials in virtually every trading country around the world, including the EU, so we can help to get your orders onto flights bound for Gatwick Airport rapidly and cost-effectively. What’s more, when the plane touches down, your cargo should pass through the required HMRC processes without any issues because all of your VAT declarations and commodity coding will already be in good order. We can even arrange for your goods to be sent on directly to your customers, if you want, ideal if you run a dropshipping enterprise, for example.

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Barrington Freight’s Gatwick Airport Customs Clearance Service

With so much experience with air freight, the workings of Gatwick Airport and diligent customs clearance processes of our own, Barrington Freight is here to help all UK importers who use London’s major air hubs. Please do not hesitate to call or email our operations team if you would like to benefit from our combined freight forwarding and customs clearance prowess.