Looking to send a pallet to Kosovo? Barrington Freight offers a variety of air, sea, and road pallet shipping services to get your goods to Kosovo on time, every time.

Kosovo’s beautiful landscapes and varied seasons contribute significantly to its tourism sector while its large reserves of mineral ores such as silver, nickel, cobalt, copper, and iron are valued at €13.5b (as of 2005). Its agricultural industries also form a large part of Kosovo’s GDP.

Consequently, many businesses are looking for cargo services of various sizes and for a variety of goods. As one of the most respected commercial cargo companies in the UK, we ensure swift transit time, excellent customer service, and on-demand tracking to ensure your cargo gets from door to door quickly and cost-effectively.

Shared Pallet to Kosovo

Our highly experienced logistics team is able to find the fastest routes for road freight, sea freight, and air freight to cut costly delays. When needing international freight, many businesses choose to have full cargo – where an entire trailer is filled with a business’ goods. This is ideal for companies sending large volumes.

Companies shipping smaller volumes, however, may opt for shared freight services. This means that we optimise the space of each trailer between various business’ pallets to minimise individual cost of delivery while maintaining an excellent service.

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Our modern fleet can handle 24-hour delivery

If you need urgent deliveries to various parts of Europe, our European next-day delivery service can get your UK pallets anywhere within 24 hours. With shared services we can also offer 48 hour delivery.

Please contact us for a live chat or get a free quote to discuss how we can send your pallet to Kosovo affordably and effectively.

Where is Kosovo Located?

Kosovo is a landlocked Balkan country in South Eastern Europe, to the south of Serbia; it also borders Macedonia and Albania.