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USA FlagBarrington Freight are the first choice forwarder for freight to USA – for express service air freight to or from the United States, and equally for affordable container-based sea freight shipping to the US (or return). Whether you have an urgent package, flight packing cases, fragile/secure or time sensitive cargo, a small groupage shipment or even a FCL (Full Container Load), we can handle it. We are the US freight specialists!

We have road freight vehicles at local partner depots around the UK and USA, just waiting for the call to pick up your business-to-business cargo from UK to the States or back; likewise, in your destination country for the final delivery from port or airport to your recipient. Whatever your GB-US logistic requirements, as a professional and knowledgeable freight forwarder to USA, we can resolve your problem USA deliveries – even if declined by other less dedicated cheap courier services!

So, is it to be air freight to USA or return? Or is cheaper sea freight to US and back more appropriate? It is all a question of urgency, size/weight, and cost. If in any doubt, then ring our friendly and helpful USA freight advisors on 01268 525 444, they will be happy to discuss the options, and to quote the best possible international shipping costs for each mode of transport. We also arrange all customs paperwork in both countries!

Sea freight to USA

Unless your consignment is urgent, shipping to North America by sea freight is nearly always the economical choice – especially for larger and heavier shipments. It can also be surprisingly fast, for example covering the 6,000km between the two capitals of London and Washington DC in around 14 days!

In the main, shipping to the States and back is rendered affordable by the use of standard international shipping containers. Almost all cargo from the UK to USA or back will be shipped in 20ft or 40ft containers, and we choose from a variety of types to best suit your US consignment. We have Dry Sea Freight containers, Flat Rack Sea Freight containers, Open Top Sea Freight containers, and for those really large loads we have 40ft and 45ft High Cube Sea Freight containers too.

The United States is the largest importer of goods and second largest exporter in the world, driven by abundant natural resources and high productivity; consumer spending comprised 71% of the U.S. economy in 2013. It is not therefore surprising that containers to the US and back contribute heavily to our cheap international shipping services! As affordable sea freight forwarders to USA or return, we are second to none!

Of course, FCL (Full Container Loads) attract the best sea freight rates; but LCL (Less than a Container Load) are equally welcome. Or if you have just a small pallet or carton delivery, we can accommodate this as groupage shipping – pallets to America (and return) benefit from strategic local container-loading warehouses, where they are carefully packed into 20ft or 40ft sea containers of mixed cargo according to suitability and final destination.

American shipping by sea container to USA East coast and USA West coast destinations is pain free; we have US delivery agents across the USA and sea freight services entering the US via the sea ports of New York, Seattle, San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston, Miami, Jacksonville, Orlando and Savannah. Freight shipping to USA is one of our main strengths, and our cheap freight forwarding services are legendary with our faithful client base. For sea freight to North America and back, why even look at other cheap shipping services when you can have “the best for less” with Barrington Freight?

Our containers to the States ship from the UK via Liverpool and Southampton; our international freight shipping services cover all areas via all US ports. Onward shipment is by road or rail to our local partner depots, who conscientiously unload each container of groupage shipping, and arrange for pallet / carton or item delivery to your final recipient.

With all the sea freight handling facilities to deal with everything from groupage through multiple pallets to USA, and including LCL (Less than a Container Load) or FCL (Full Container Loads) too, your cargo from the UK to USA or back is safe in our hands; shipping to the States is easy with Barrington Sea Freight to North America!

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Air freight to USA

If you have really urgent exports or imports to/from the States, then our express services by air freight to USA are the answer! With daily flights to all major US airports, we can transport cargo to the US customs warehouse next day, as well as more economical 48 hour / 2 day services and 72 hour / 3 day services for less urgent haulage to the US; and don’t forget we have USA couriers speeding back to the UK as well!

We fly exports to the USA via the World Freight Terminal at Manchester Airport (MAN), or else London Heathrow (LHR); but air cargo services are not just about getting goods in the air – we take your goods to the airport quickly and efficiently on our nationwide road freight services. Our experienced air freight staff get your air cargo from UK to USA collected, x-rayed, loaded and on the move to its US destination; we deal with customs paperwork too.

Manchester flights carry 115K tonnes of air cargo worldwide annually, and LHR 1.5 MT (million tonnes). Compare this to the USA airports of Memphis, Tennessee 4.1 MT; Anchorage, Alaska 2.4 MT; Louisville, Kentucky 2.2 MT; Miami, Florida 1.9 MT; and Los Angeles, California 1.7 MT.

We are the leading US haulage and transport company for groupage / air cargo consolidation services and affordable pallet delivery; we can ship UK / Euro / US standard pallets by air freight to America, as well as machinery and manufactured goods and other airborne groupage to USA. With stateside delivery by road and/or rail, your transport needs are our first priority – fly with Barrington Freight to the States!

Where is USA located?

The United States of America is located in North America between Mexico, to its south, and Canada.