The largest container port in Scotland, Grangemouth Port is one of the busiest in the entire UK with cargo being unloaded throughout the year in great quantities. Helpfully located about halfway between the two main cities in Scotland – Glasgow and Edinburgh – the port is served by the M9 motorway but is also linked very effectively to the UK’s rail network. The port itself boasts 13 straddle carriers, a pair of gantry cranes, an integrated operating system, half a million square feet of warehousing facilities and dedicated general cargo berths. 

As such, Grangemouth Port accounts for about 150,000 container movements per year. Although the majority of these are exports – Grangemouth accounts for about a third of Scotland’s GDP in terms of the cargo passing through it to overseas destinations – the port is a significant one for importers, too. However, British importers can find that their consignments are delayed at the port while importation checks are carried out. This is often down to a lack of knowledge and expertise on the part of the importing firm. The best way to avoid such hold ups caused by customs officials is to place your trust in an experienced customs clearance agency

At Barrington Freight, we offer these sorts of professional services and have a great deal of knowledge at your disposal for dealing with HMRC officials at Grangemouth Port and elsewhere. Why face difficulties getting your orders into the UK at the final stage of their journey when they may have travelled many thousands of miles on a container vessel only to end up being impounded at the port?

Freight Forwarding Plus Customs Clearance in Grangemouth Under One Roof

At Barrington Freight, we have a vast amount of expertise with customs declarations. This is combined with our freight forwarding services plus our in-depth knowledge of the Port of Grangemouth to offer you a comprehensive business solution. Whether you are importing paper products or car parts, for example, we’ll know which commodity codes to use and when to declare – and pay – VAT and any excise duties that may be applicable.

What’s more, by managing your delivery from an overseas port to the UK, we’ll ensure your consignment is prepared for HMRC long before it arrives in British waters. Trust the operations team at Barrington Freight to get your goods from where they were to where they need to be with as much speed as possible by avoiding any potential delays while customs inspections are carried out.

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Turn to Barrington Freight For Customs Clearance Import Work at Grangemouth Port

Whether you run a dropshipping business importing consumer goods from the Far East to the UK via Grangemouth or use the port to import items from the European Union, we are ideally placed as customs clearance agents for all sorts of goods and cargo types. Our experience with managing imports via Grangemouth is second to none, so why not get in contact with our operations team right now to see how we can make your importation processes more streamlined?