Exporting to Bulgaria from the UK

Bulgaria is an important trading partner with the UK, even though it may not be the first country to spring to mind when exporting. But this Balkan country should not be overlooked as it is a hub of economic activity and trade with the UK. And to make things easier, English is widely spoken as British companies have invested heavily in Bulgaria over the last decade – they include Shell, GlaxoSmithKline, AstraZeneca, and Dyson, to name a few. They also have excellent transport routes via air, road, rail, and sea, and it’s a great location to trade with the rest of Central and Eastern Europe.

Even in the post-Brexit times, Bulgaria is an easy country to export to and from. Bulgaria also has excellent transport links for road freight with the main ports of Varna and Burgas on the Black Sea for sea freight. Bulgaria also has good air links with the UK for air freight.

Customs Clearance

Although there are more hoops to jump as Bulgaria is an EU country and the UK is not anymore, with a bit of planning and support from experienced freight forwarders or a customs agent, your shipment can be a breeze. Some of the primary commodities exported from the UK to Bulgaria include telecommunication equipment, Iron, Steel, machinery, including electrical and industrial, Pharmaceutical products and medicine, cars and lifestyle products such as textiles. Barrington Freight can transport all of these and more for you to Bulgaria, getting your exports on the road quickly and delivering fast. 

Brexit has meant that the customs paperwork required has increased dramatically. When it comes to declarations and clearance paperwork needed for numerous commodities, it’s crucial to know what specifications are for your cargo. We recommend doing your research and speaking to your customs agent and freight forwarding company for advice. You will also need an EORI (Economic Operator Registration and Identification Number) for both the EU and another for the UK. See our blog What is an EORI Number to get started. Understanding customs laws is more straightforward with an experienced custom agent and freight forwarder on your team, so reach out to see how we can help smooth the process for you. 

VAT and Duty Fees

Post-Brexit, there are more duties to pay, and your goods determine the rate. One way around this is the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement, which allows for goods produced in the UK to be tariff-free to Bulgaria; however the exporting business must officially declare this. So we’d advise once again, speak to your customs agent or freight forwarder for duties and tariffs payable on your cargo. 

Transit Times to Bulgaria

Transit times depend on factors, including customs checks, so our delivery service regularly takes 7-9 days for groupage, 3-4 days for a full load and express delivery. 

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Barrington Freight are experts at exporting to Bulgaria from the UK. With our variety of service options plus in-house customs experts, we will help you navigate the complexities of customs rules while lessening transit times. For more information, advice, or if you have a unique shipment request, reach out to our sales team on 01268 978660 or email [email protected].