Expertly Handled Customs Clearance Imports to Manchester Airport

Located at Ringway, not far from the city centre, Manchester Airport (MAN) is the third-busiest passenger terminal in the country outside of London. In fact, Manchester Airport also handles numerous flights from freight operators, too. Indeed, such is the level of cargo operations at the airport that it has its own terminal dedicated to freight movements. Future plans for the airport’s expansion include further cargo handling facilities, such is the growing demand for them in the Northwest region of England.

At Barrington Freight, we have a wealth of knowledge that British importers can draw upon for dealing with cargo flights landing at Manchester Airport. We have an in-depth working knowledge of the World Freight Terminal at the airport where cargo is handled and also, crucially, where it is inspected by customs officials. Of course, goods need to be checked on arrival to the UK to make sure they are not contraband items. However, all commercial imports will also be inspected to make sure they match their importation documents. If not, or the person importing them isn’t registered with a proper EORI number, then goods can be delayed until their paperwork is sorted out. In the worst cases, consignments can be impounded and never reach their onward destination.

Given that many importation companies don’t have the expertise they need in-house to make sure accompanying paperwork is correct before it is inspected at Manchester Airport, using a customs clearance agent is the perfect solution. We provide exactly these sorts of services for companies importing via Manchester Airport from China, India, North America, Europe and beyond. Why take the risk of a fine or an unwelcome delay when our customs clearance agency work is so effective?

Combine Our Customs Clearance Work With Importation Freight Forwarding Services

As you may already know, Barrington Freight is a freight forwarding company with many years of experience. What you may not know, however, is that we can act as both customs clearance agents and freight forwarders on your behalf within the same operations team. In other words, you won’t need two contractors providing these services for you because we can handle the entire shipment from when it leaves your overseas supplier to when it enters the UK at Manchester Airport and then is sent on to your warehouse. We can streamline your entire importation operation and ensure your goods reach you in a timely manner with value for money.

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Turn to Barrington Freight as Your Manchester Airport Customs Clearance Agents

Whether you need assistance with VAT declarations to keep HMRC fully satisfied or would like help to process your commodity code declarations before your delivery arrives at Manchester Airport, Barrington Freight will have you covered. We have accreditations with border authorities around the world, so there is no finer team of customs clearance agents you could turn to no matter where you trade. For more information about our customs clearance services or if you have an unusual order to import through Manchester Airport, please reach out to our operations team on 01268 978660 or email [email protected].