International Pallet Delivery to Romania

Over the last decade or so, Romania’s workforce has experienced an exponential growth in skills and trades. This has meant the country has developed into more of a manufacturing economy that often serves UK businesses very well. The UK currently enjoys growing rates of trade with Romania, something that Brexit has not yet caused significant disruption with. That being said, it is one of the longest journeys for shipping cargo by road in all of Europe. This is where Barrington Freight can help with an affordable pallet delivery to Romania. After all, with this sort of service, distance is never an issue!

Sending your pallet to Romania requires our drivers to navigate their journey through a host of European countries, including Belgium, Germany, Austria and Hungary although other routes are possible, as well. At Barrington Freight, we have an in-depth knowledge of the road links in all these locations and more besides. This means we know how to solve unforeseen problems on the road as and when they occur. As members of the British International Freight Association, our expertise in freight forwarding to Romania involves many classes of goods and different consignment loads.

We can help you if you have a single palletised item you need to be shipped to a Romanian customer, for example, but also handle deliveries made up of multiple pallets. If you are sending goods to a supplier to have them returned or checked under warranty arrangements, then we can also help to ensure that your pallet delivery to Romania arrives in good condition and on time. Read on to find out more about our pallet deliveries to Romania and why Barrington Freight is so effective in this area.

Sending Pallets to Romania with Barrington Freight Delivery

When sending your pallet to Romania, you have to bear in mind that this country constitutes one of our longest driving distances within the European Union. The capital city, Bucharest, which lies in the southern part of the country is about 1,500 miles from the French port of Calais. Nevertheless, you can rest assured your cargo can arrive quickly when you send your pallet to Romania with Barrington Freight. Assuming a non-stop drive, a journey from the French ports in the north of the country to a Romanian town like Timișoara, which is just over the border with Hungary, could take as little as 19 hours or even less. From Hook of Holland in the Netherlands, the same destination would typically take under 18 hours to reach. Given that much of the journey makes use of well-maintained roads in Germany and Austria, you can immediately see that the distances involved do not necessarily mean a slow service is inevitable.

Please note that the journey to Romania from the UK will begin as efficiently as possible, too. At Barrington Freight, we have a large network of depots spread the length and breadth of the UK, so we can get to your headquarters or your warehouse quickly to load up with your pallet delivery to Romania. In many cases, we will be able to set off to Romania the very same day. Nothing is too much trouble for the dedicated operations team at Barrington Freight.

Getting to Romania fast requires us to travel through multiple countries, including the Czech Republic and Slovakia if we are delivering to destinations that are in the north of the country. Thankfully we have an in-depth local knowledge wherever we go and take unforeseen events or road closures in our stride. Essentially, this means we are able to find efficient alternatives no matter what the local road conditions might be. Almost any cargo can be palletised and be suitable for a pallet delivery to Romania. At Barrington Freight, we aim to make palletised business between the UK and Romania easy.

Organising a Pallet Delivery to Romania Following Brexit

It is fair to say that Brexit has changed the international landscape for trading with Europe a great deal. Ever since the UK took the decision to leave the European Union, it was a likelihood that it would also leave the EU’s customs union, too. Now this has happened, anyone wanting a pallet delivery to Romania needs to consider their customs declarations. In short, any commercial consignment to an EU member state, whether it is palletised or not, must be accompanied by the right paperwork. Get it wrong and your pallet delivery to Romania could be held up as it enters the trading bloc at Calais, Dunkirk or elsewhere.

To avoid this potential hold up, you need to work on your customs clearance operation. For businesses that do not have the skills or time to do this in-house, please note that Barrington Freight can also work as a customs clearance agent on your behalf. We have the necessary licenses to do so around the world including for consignments to EU countries. Importantly, we can also do this work if you are air-freighting your pallet directly to Romania rather than sending it by road through other EU member states.

As such, you can obtain a comprehensive service that covers all of your freight forwarding and customs clearance needs in one fell swoop. Please ask us about our customs clearance work or about airborne shipments if you have a particularly urgent delivery request. Our operations team will be only too pleased to assist you in any way they can.

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Where is Romania Located?

Facing the Black Sea to its east, Romania lies in southeastern Europe between Bulgaria and Ukraine. On its western borders are Serbia and Hungary. Moldova forms a significant proportion of its land eastern border.

Where is Romania Located?

On the Black Sea in Southern Eastern Europe between Bulgaria and Ukraine. On its western borders lie Serbia and Hungary.