The Port of Southampton is well-known as a passenger terminal but it is also a significant location for cargo movements, both imports and exports being handled on a daily basis. No fewer than four deep-sea container ships can be berthed in Southampton’s port at any one time, so the port is a significant one for UK importers of goods from the Far East and Europe. Bulk cargoes of various kinds pass through the Port of Southampton in great quantities. The container terminal is the second busiest in the entire country.

As a port that is geared up for container imports, British firms receiving goods through it need to make sure that their custom clearance operation is up to scratch. For many importers, this will mean appointing customs clearance agents in Southampton with local working knowledge of the port and the way HMRC functions there. Although some importers may choose to do their own customs clearance declarations, this can often be a false economy, especially given the various licensing arrangements that need to be updated around the world to ensure goods are imported without undue delays once they arrive in the UK. At Barrington Freight, we have the know-how to provide all UK importers with goods arriving at the Port of Southampton with a professional customs clearance operation.

Expertise with Custom Clearance Imports to Southampton Port and Freight Forwarding

When it comes to customs clearances in Southampton, Barrington Freight’s operations team is here to help ensure that all of the necessary payments and declarations are made even before your container arrives in the port. This might mean ensuring your VAT declarations are in good order, for example, or arranging for excise duties to be paid. We are also very experienced with making the right decisions about which HMRC commodity codes to use since certain classes of goods can sometimes fall into more than one category. All of this should result in a quicker movement of your consignments from the Port of Southampton so they make their onward journey to you or your customers without being held up.

Furthermore, because we also operate as freight forwarders, we can help to make sure your imports get to you in a cost-effective manner. By dealing with carriers from the point immediately after you have placed an order with your overseas supplier, we will be on hand to ensure your delivery gets to the UK as quickly and with as little outlay as possible. At Barrington Freight, our customs clearance work in Southampton and our freight forwarding services are provided under one roof, affording you an economy of scale and a single service provider for both types of work.

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Why Choose Barrington Freight for Southampton Importation Custom Clearance?

With the right accreditations to handle customs clearance work in Southampton from countries all over the globe, there is no better firm you could choose to act as your agents in the UK. Why not ask us more about how we provide exemplary customs clearance services by calling on 01268 978660?