Xiamen is one of the biggest container port cities in the world and one of the most important in southern China. With about 11 million inhabitants in the urban and metropolitan areas of the city, Xiamen is also one of the most important in Fujian province. According to a recent report by the country’s National Development and Reform Commission, Xiamen is in the top three cities in the whole of China for business and commerce. It is widely regarded as one of the Far East’s most effective financial trading centres.

As such, importing goods to the UK from a city like Xiamen is becoming increasingly commonplace. British businessmen and women will often find the trading environment in Xiamen conducive. In short, business trust and a sense of fair dealing are not in short supply in a city that has a reputation for straightforward commerce. 

Siming and Huli districts form Xiamen’s special economic zone, the areas where western-style businesses are allowed to trade and where state-owned enterprises are much less common. The city is also a manufacturing centre of excellence. Companies in Xiamen are associated with all sorts of equipment manufacturing but it is in the field of electronics that it is perhaps most widely known. For example, panel displays, computer equipment, telecommunications products and components, such as semiconductors and integrated circuits, are all made and sold in the city.

Good Reasons to Import to the UK From Xiamen

As well as its financial services sector and consumer electronics, Xiamen’s many privately owned businesses are known for their take-up of new materials, especially in machinery manufacturing. Located across a strait of the South China Sea that faces Taiwan, it is ideally located for both European importers and those in North America. As such, the city’s logistics firms tend to be geared up to meet the needs of both export markets.

The port of Xiamen has no fewer than nine container terminals, so getting goods out of the country and onto ocean-going vessels does not tend to take long. In fact, the port has been upgraded so that it can handle sixth-generation container vessels and has undergone a digital transformation project as recently as 2021 so that it can run its extensive logistical operations with the latest computer technology, as well. Well over 10 million containers pass through it every year and this looks set to rise. British importers considering Xiamen should also note that it is served by Gaoqi International Airport. It conveys about 300,000 tonnes of air freight in an average trading year.

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Professional Assistance When Importing From Xiamen

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