For those importing bulky goods from China’s Guangdong Province, ferrying from the port of Chiwan, which is part of the Shenzhen port, is one of the best options. Port of Chiwan is a comprehensive port with waterways, railways, highways and other transportation modes covering the area. Chemical fertilisers and grains coming to the UK mainly move through this port.

If you are importing bulky and heavy goods such as cement or fertilisers, you may want to consider moving your goods through this port. To guide you, here are some tips on how to import from Chiwan port to the UK.

Choosing between FOB and EXW terms.

When importing from China, you will encounter two types of export incoterms, which define who will transport your purchase from the exporter’s warehouse to the destination. If you choose Free on Board (FoB), your supplier will cover the local costs of transporting your goods to the port. In Ex Works (EXW) trading terms, you will be responsible for the local shipping and shipping of your goods from Chiwan to the UK. While EXW terms may look cheaper at first glance, since you will buy the goods at a lower price, it is better to choose FOB as the local supplier can often get the goods shipped to Chiwan at a lower expense, saving you money in the long run.

Check Whether You Need an Export License

The Chinese Ministry of Commerce has divided goods into three categories:

  • approved goods (automatically licensed),
  • restricted goods, and
  • forbidden goods.

You can export restricted commodities only if you have a licence. You also need an export license if you are a foreign trade company (FTC) in China exporting to one of your subsidiaries in the UK. However, if you are trading with your supplier on FoB terms, you won’t need a licence. Export licenses or permits are issued by the Ministry of Commerce and contain information about the exporter, the buyer, the cargo, the value, and the mode of transportation.

Sea Freight Services from Chiwan to UK

Sea Freight companies typically offer these two options:

  • LCL (Less-Than-Container Load), and
  • FCL (Full Container Load).

If your shipment isn’t big enough to fill a container, your goods will ship as LCL. Your items will share a container with items from different importers, and your freight forwarder will charge you in cubic meters occupied.

If your shipment can fill a whole container, your items will ship as FCL, and you will pay a flat container flat fee. Your shipping company will assist you in determining whether your shipment requires LCL or FCL transport.

From the Exporter’s Warehouse to Chiwan Port

After packing the goods for export, your supplier or contact in Shenzhen must prepare the necessary export customs clearance documents, which include:

  • Commercial invoice
  • Proforma invoice
  • Bill of lading
  • Packing List
  • A certificate of origin (signed by a local chamber of commerce)
  • Sales contract
  • AES filing
  • Customs declaration
  • Insurance policy

Similar to the UK customs procedure, your supplier in China has to fill the export document electronically. With the papers in order, the cargo can now move from the exporter’s location to the China export customs location where international carriers are located. Your shipment will then be unloaded at the customs bonded area under the custodian of cargo to undergo export inspection.

Using a Specialist Freight Forwarder

Many companies, individuals and businesses importing from Chiwan to the UK choose a specialist freight forwarder to manage and organise transport. Rather than having to handle everything by yourself and dealing with different shipping companies, you can select a single expert freight forwarder to handle all the paperwork and organise every aspect of the shipping process. When you import through a freight forwarder, you’ll have direct access to an experienced team, as well as tracking information throughout the entire process.

Outsourcing to an expert is more cost-effective than attempting to navigate the process yourself.

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