Situated between two large cities in the West Midlands – Birmingham and Coventry – Birmingham International Airport (BHX) is both an air freight hub and busy passenger terminal. The seventh busiest airport in the UK, it has become increasingly used by British importers. This is often due to the proximity it has to many of the large distribution centres that are located in the Midlands, ideal for onward shipping or splitting up of consignments to fulfil individual customer orders. However, the convenience of the airport’s location and the number of flights it receives from around the world daily do not necessarily mean that cargo will make its way out of the airport swiftly.

This is because all of the right paperwork must be in good order for shipments that have come from overseas to pass through the border controls in place. All too often British importers will fall foul of some customs regulation or declaration they need to make but have not yet completed. This is where a customs clearance agent who knows the airport well can prove to be invaluable. At Barrington Freight, we offer just such professional services to make the process of getting imports through the airport and completing their onward journeys as soon as possible.

Of course, all sorts of mistakes can be made with customs declarations, including mixing up Birmingham International Airport in the UK with Birmingham, Alabama. There again, inexperienced administrators who do not understand all of the rules HMRC expects importers to follow can mix up consignment codes, EORI numbers, VAT declarations and even excise payments. With Barrington Freight’s professional team of customs clearance agents working on your imports via Birmingham International, however, you are sure to see a speedy and hassle-free importation process followed every time.

Combine Expert Customs Clearance Work With Our Freight Forwarding Prowess

Please note that the operations team at Barrington Freight are not just experts in customs clearance agency work but also freight forwarding. This means we can deal with your consignment processing from start to finish. Ask us to arrange haulage from your supplier to their local airport and then for your goods to be flown to Birmingham on your behalf. 

We have the licenses in place not just to handle HMRC’s paperwork but to deal with customs officials and border staff in trading countries located right around the globe. With the two services delivered from just one professional service provider, you can save money, time and effort when importing to the UK.

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Why Choose Barrington Freight for Customs Clearance Imports at Birmingham Airport?

Due to our continual investment in our team of professional freight forwarders and customs clearance agents, we have all the know-how you will ever need to manage imports through Birmingham Airport. We can help you whether you have been used to shipping to the Midlands from the EU and now need help in the post-Brexit world or have new suppliers in Asia that you want to import from. Call us today to find out more!