Exporting from UK to EU

Exporting to Europe has shifted requirements since Brexit, but without fail, Barrington Freight is still sending cargo from the UK across the continent daily. Shipping with us is still a breeze despite the additional regulations. Your goods will arrive on time, and our team will always ensure the export of your goods is a straightforward process. 

Our list of considerations below will get you started; however, we always suggest using a forwarding company like Barrington Freight to take the stress from your shipment. Our experts will help your shipment sail through customs and avoid hidden pitfalls.

Customs Requirements from the UK to EU

As the UK is no longer a member of the European Union, trading with any EU country incurs additional customs requirements. An EU and UK EORI (Economic Operator Registration and Identification Number) is now needed for customs officials to allow the consignment to pass through. Both numbers are required, and if both EORI’s are not organised, customs officials will halt goods at the border, delaying delivery or, worst case, they will be completely denied entry to the EU. For more, read: What is an EORI Number.  

Extra customs paperwork is also a new requirement post-Brexit, as more customs declarations are needed depending on the goods you ship. Completing this documentation properly is necessary to get your goods cleared through customs. It’s worth noting that shipments delayed at the borders accrue fees, increasing your exporting costs. Visit the UK government advisory page for more information.

Duties and VAT

Duties and VAT are calculated to the EU from the UK as any other “third country” foreign nation outside the bloc. The EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement means some items are tariff-free when made in the UK, but this needs to be declared to customs. This applies to imports/exports in both directions, but it’s vital to research if your items qualify because if not, there will often be additional duties payable. 

Make a Declaration

Customs declarations must be fully completed and filled out correctly as a mistake can cause delays for the shipment and goods being held at the border with additional duties charges. If you want to, you can complete your paperwork DIY, but we would suggest hiring an expert with extensive experience in getting goods into the EU – we have several in-house if you work with us for your freight forwarding. 

Licences and Certificates

Special licenses and certification are also often required to ensure your goods breeze across the border, especially if your particular items are on a restricted list. Research your consignment and discover if anything additional is needed to avoid the goods being stuck at the border.

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Exporting to the UK from the European Union may seem complicated post-Brexit, but with our experienced team managing your shipment, it will be a stress-free and easy business transaction.  

For more information about our services or if you have an unusual consignment request, reach out to our sales team on 01268 978660 or email [email protected].