The Port of Dover is one of the most strategically important for UK importers since it serves as the principal route for cargo-laden lorries coming to the country from continental Europe. In fact, 2.6 million commercial vehicles make their way through the port every year and the fact that the UK has now left the European Union’s Customs Union is not having a very big impact on the amount of traffic the port sees. However, as anyone who has ever travelled through the port as a passenger will know, there is very little space at Dover. As such, even small delays in processing paperwork can lead to big headaches down the line.

This is why having a customs clearance agent with specialist knowledge of the Port of Dover can be so beneficial when importing goods from Europe. It doesn’t matter whether the consignment started its journey within the EU’s borders or from further afield, for example, Norway or Turkey, either. Regardless of where they’re from, all commercial goods entering the UK through Dover must be signed-off by HMRC. If you don’t have your paperwork in good order, then your business will suffer from needless delays, extra costs and even the burden of a full HMRC audit of your commercial activities, in the worst cases.

Helpfully, Barrington Freight is here to deal with import customs clearances throughout the UK, including our extensive expertise with the Port of Dover.

Freight Forwarding and Dover Customs Clearance Agent Services Combined

Before asking why you might turn to such a trusted freight forwarding firm as Barrington Freight for customs clearance agency work at Dover, it is worth stating that these are two separate services. In other words, it is quite easy for British importers to book a freight forwarding service for their inbound goods without obtaining a customs clearance agent to handle the process when their delivery first arrives in the UK. Likewise, some customs clearance agents only do clearing work but offer no freight forwarding services.

The good thing about the Barrington Freight operations team is that we deal with everything under one roof. In short, we can manage the entire importation process for you from endpoint to endpoint. We’ll make sure you get value for money with the haulier you use as well as ensuring your customs declarations and other consignment paperwork are in good order so that HMRC has no reason to question it, delay your import or impound your goods.

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Why Is Barrington Freight a Good Choice For Managing Customs Clearance Import Via Dover?

With a team of experienced professionals who know about the workings of the Port of Dover and HMRC well, there is no better choice for customs clearance work than Barrington Freight. We have the know-how to make sure all post-Brexit imports from continental Europe are handled professionally. We have an in-depth knowledge of the commodity codes, the duty declarations and the VAT that may be payable for imports that are made into the UK via Dover. Furthermore, we’re registered with the border agencies in France and at home, as all customs clearance agents should be. Why not call on 01268 978660 or email [email protected] today?