Road freight to Albania, or back to the UK? Albania may sound a remote destination, but lies just north of (and thus closer than) our favourite holiday destination of Greece! Road freight cargo from UK to the Republic of Albania (Republika e Shqiperise in Albanian) has grown rapidly since they revoked communist rule in 1991. With the opening up of Albanian trade with the west, they became an official candidate for membership of the EU, and also a member of Nato; but for the present, the correct customs documents are still a requirement for UK exports to Albania; let us undertake your haulage to or from Albania – we will advise on the paperwork and ensure swift clearance of customs – we are the first-choice professional freight forwarders to the Republic!

We carry business / commercial cargo only UK to / from Albania. For personal goods, house moves and car shipping we recommend our partners Anglo Pacific

As an independent family-run European haulage and transport company, Barrington Freight have the dedicated and professional Albanian freight advisors to ensure your business-to-business cargo from UK to Albania or return arrives safely and on time. Whether you have just a few export pallets or cartons to send as groupage to Albania, a part load of machinery or manufactured goods, or a full load of 120×100 or 120×80 centimetre based pallets stacked to the roof of a truck or trailer, we have cheap delivery services for your exports to Albania, and UK imports from Albania too!

Reliable Road Freight Service To Albania

“Cheap pallet delivery” is the cry of all freight forwarders to & from Albania; but don’t be fooled by certain other cheap courier companies, with whom you may have to wait ages “sorry, the truck / trailer isn’t quite full yet”! As we are an independent, we book frequent departures with a number of reputable European hauliers, and waiting times are always minimised with Barrington Freight to Albania! Transit times to and from the customs terminal in the capital Tirana are typically just 8-10 days; we find this to be the most convenient drop-off / collection centre for the country, with local freight services best placed to handle cross-country logistics.

Such groupage to Albania is one of our most popular services – in fact our economy groupage services have become legendary. Our local partner depots across the UK cater for door-to-door collection and delivery, whilst your local Albanian logistics and distribution services will cover all 12 Albanian counties (mostly named after their largest city); from Shkoder County in the North down to Vlore and Gjirokaster Counties in the South. Your local Albanian distribution partners are greatly aided by the ever improving road network, including the three main motorways: A1 dual carriageway Durres-Vlore; Albania-Kosovo Highway; and the Tirana-Elbasan Highway.

With coastlines on the Adriatic and Ionian seas, and the Balkan highlands which lie inland, the entire country is at a latitude which creates a variety of weather patterns during the winter and summer seasons. The lowlands have mild winters, averaging about 7-10° C, and summer temperatures averaging 24-30° C; the highlands experience much greater variations in temperature, due to their great elevation and inconsistencies between river valleys and mountain peaks. The varied and attractive landscapes have seen a massive increase in tourism, especially on the so-called “Albanian Riviera”; it rose from just 0.5 million visitors in 2005, to over 4.2 million in 2012. This has the inevitable knock-on effect, i.e. significantly increasing the demand for consumer goods exported to Albania.

Whether its groupage to Albania, or part-load or even full-load road haulage to the Republic, our delivery services to the capital Tirana are also ideal for other cities such as Durres, Vlore, Elbasan, Shkoder, Korce, Fier, Kamez, Berat, Lushnje, Kavaje, Sarande, Paskuqan, Pogradec and Gjirokaster. Providing cheap international shipping costs for your road freight to Albania is important to us, but no less so than excellent service; some other cheap courier services can only handle standard UK or Euro export pallets, but we go the extra mile.

From the local Tirana customs terminal you can arrange delivery to even the smallest Albanian village; and don’t forget we carry fragile / secure or time sensitive cargo from the UK to Albania (or return) as well. We also handle awkward shapes and sizes, and large or heavy Albanian machinery too.

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Send Your Freight To Albania With Barrington Freight

We collect groupage, part loads and full loads from all over the UK. Groupage to Albania will be taken to the most suitable UK partner depot, and consolidated with other similar cargo from the UK to Albania; whereas part or full loads are usually collected directly by the international transport vehicle, which departs promptly via Eurotunnel or the Channel Ports with your haulage to Albania. For the return journey, the logistics are simply reversed, with delivery to the door all over the UK.

For affordable pallet delivery, professional bespoke haulage, and all business-to-business road freight to Albania or back – Barrington Freight are the premier freight forwarders to “Republika e Shqiperise”. For fast services at the best prices, try our online QuickQuote!

Where is Albania Located?

Albania is in South Eastern Europe, with coastlines on both the Adriatic Sea and the Ionian Sea. It borders Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia and Greece.