Aberdeen International Airport (ABZ) is primarily a passenger terminal but it handles a good deal of cargo, as well. As the northernmost international air hub in the UK, Aberdeen Airport is an important one for exporters of all sorts of goods in both Scotland and northern England. However, any shipments that will make their way into the hold of an aircraft departing from Aberdeen will need to undergo customs clearance checks before they are allowed to leave the country. This is where Barrington Freight’s significant expertise can be brought to bear.

At Barrington Freight, we operate as customs clearance agents. Our knowledge of both the HM Customs and Revenue service at Aberdeen Airport as well as our know-how with the UK government’s export processes means that we are ideally placed to help any firm that has goods it wants to ship via air freight from Aberdeen. We will help you at every stage of the process to ensure that your cargo isn’t needlessly held up by customs officers and can make its way onto the flight it was due to be sent out on.

What’s more, Barrington Freight’s professional customs clearance agents have the necessary licenses in place around the world to ensure goods can pass into the country they are being exported to. In short, we have all the skills and know-how available to ensure your Aberdeen Airport customs clearance work is fully taken care of

Barrington Freight Handles Customs Clearances of Exported Goods Via Aberdeen Airport

Whether you are new to exporting goods to international markets or simply want to streamline your current processes by turning to experts in the field of customs clearance work, Barrington Freight has you covered. Whether or not you already have the EORI number that you need to fill out exportation documents, we will be able to put everything together for you so that your goods pass through the customs control checks at Aberdeen Airport without a hitch.

Of course, you don’t just have to be officially registered to export goods via Aberdeen Airport. You will also need to make an official declaration of the goods that are being transported. We can take care of this for you, too, so that when HMRC officers inspect your consignment at the airport, they will see what they are expecting to see. It is very easy to make errors with customs clearance paperwork, however. Why risk making a mistake when our operations team can deal with everything for you even before your shipment arrives at the airport for its onward journey?

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Combine Our Freight Forwarding and Our Customs Clearance Prowess

At Barrington Freight, we are a freight forwarding firm as well as customs clearance agents. Therefore, we can arrange for your goods to be collected from any location in the UK and have them sent to Aberdeen Airport quickly and efficiently. Once your goods touchdown after their flight, we can also arrange onward delivery services. Talk to our operations team about how your firm can benefit from both types of service.