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Barrington Freight is a reputable and highly regarded freight forwarder based in the UK. We have a dedicated international air freight service within our company that specialises in quick and straightforward international air services. We offer air freight services to many countries worldwide with extensive experience freight forwarder China to UK. We also provide set-time express delivery along with economy shipping options to give options for a variety of shipping budgets. 

Unlike many other international air freight services, we also offer a door to door tracking service to give you peace of mind every step of the way. We also provide set delivery times, so whether you’re delivering to the Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK), the Sanming Sjaxian Airport (SQJ), or the UK from China, we guarantee reliability. Our efficient and professional service has ensured we have built a reputation as the UK’s go-to air freight forwarders to and from China.

We’re proud to offer industry-leading transport options for international air freight with a diverse range of air freight services for our clients. So whether you’re transporting high-value goods for business, personal belongings with a high sentimental value that need extra TLC, or anything in between, our extensive experience will give you peace of mind. We have been shipping along these routes for many years, so we know how to smooth the process for you. In addition, when you use our air freight services to or from China, we have the local knowledge needed to ensure your cargo is handled correctly and delivered quickly. From Anqing Tianzhushan Airport (AQG) to Hong Kong International Airport (HKG) and everywhere in between, we’ll ensure fast and efficient service.

Ship to China With An Experienced Freight Forwarder

Airports in China comprise international and domestic airports, which means that there can be complexities when shipping unique to the country. There are also airports with paved runways, and those without that can cause further required considerations for your shipment. Over the last two decades, China’s Civil Aviation industry has invested in development to improve domestic and international air transportation substantially. Airfreight forwarding is an essential service, and thus transportation methods are advanced and efficient. 

There are currently (2021) 235 commercial airports and continually expanding. Across China, Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK), Shanghai Pudong International Airport (PVG), Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport (SHA), and Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport (CAN) are considered the major airports that cargo can be shipped to and from with ease. 

UK’s Leading Air Freight Services To China

We know well that shipments come in all shapes and sizes, and we also understand that it’s not always possible for you to deliver your cargo to us for transport. That’s why as part of working with Barrington Freight, we offer collecting from your premises and delivering to your final destination point – a true end to end service. 

If your collection and delivery points do not have the loading and unloading equipment, we can also provide that and get your shipment on its way. We go out of our way to ensure you receive the very best service possible when using our international air freight services to China.

As previously mentioned, we also offer cargo tracking. This allows you to keep track of your shipment, whether it’s in the UK or China and everywhere in between, thanks to the reputable airlines and Chinese agents we partner with. We believe in providing transparent delivery end-to-end whether you’re sending urgent air freight forwarding to China or importing. 

Sending Cargo Internationally

If you’re new to international air freight shipping, then you may not be aware of customs requirements on both ends of the journey. As the UK is no longer in the EU, rules may have changed for your goods to and from China, and more paperwork is required. Failing to fulfil your obligations will result in delays and possibly holding goods that cost time and money. While yet more paperwork may sound daunting, rest assured our customs agents have you covered. Our team will advise you on what needs to be done for each country, so nothing is overlooked. With our help, your clearance through customs will be a breeze. 

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What Do I Need To Do Ahead Of Shipping?

If you intend to send palletised air cargo to China, it’s vital your freight is prepared correctly. It’s also important to remember that your pallet will likely be loaded and subsequently unloaded on multiple occasions unless you are filling the entire plane and need to be prepared to withstand such movement. It’s also worth noting that your pallet may become exposed to environmental pressures such as transport vibrations and adverse weather. As such, we always advise that you strap pallets securely to the base and, where possible, use corner supports. We understand that keeping costs down is often imperative, so cutting down on materials can help. Shrinkwrap, however, is not an area to cut back as a generous amount will create a more secure pallet. Also, check your destination country’s regulations for wooden pallets – some countries will not permit them unless they have a fumigation certificate. If in doubt about any of your shipping requirements, contact us for advice.

Ship With Barrington Freight

Using our experienced international air freight services, you’ll have access to our vast networks throughout China and the UK. Our services are second to none, and when delivering across such vast distances, peace of mind is paramount. Reach out to Barrington Freight today for more information on our international air freight services or a quote.

Where is China located?

China is situated in the eastern part of Asia, on the west coast of the Pacific Ocean, in the southeastern part of the Eurasian continent