In terms of freight, London Heathrow Airport (LHR) is one of the busiest air hubs in Europe. It handles the most cargo of any airport in the UK and the airport’s owners now have a strategy in place that favours so-called e-freight practices to make much of the paperwork required for air freight computerised. Perhaps more importantly, London Heathrow Airport is one of the most used for importers of high-value goods. Indeed, around a third of the UK’s international trade in high-value items outside of the EU passes through it. As such, the air hub is of great importance to both exporters and importers.

Because Heathrow Airport is such a crucial one for firms that import from overseas suppliers, running a sound customs clearance operation there is essential. Although some importers will carry out their own customs clearance declarations, many more will seek the professional guidance that only a customs clearance agency can offer. At Barrington Freight, we offer just these sorts of services which can be invaluable whether you have imported goods many times before or are using air freight for the first time via Heathrow. Our customs clearance agents have all of the necessary licenses to deal with inbound air freight from international suppliers the world over. What’s more, our in-depth knowledge of the way HMRC operates at Heathrow will help to ensure your goods are not held up needlessly once they are unloaded and readied for their customs inspection.

In short, we can help you whether you are importing goods from the EU or any part of the world where you can find suppliers ready to ship to the UK. We’ll assist you with the declarations that are required for imports, such as which commodity codes to use for the class of goods you are importing. Our customs clearance work at Heathrow is managed in an efficient way so your goods can continue their onward travel into the UK without being delayed while problems at the border are sorted out.

Handle Your Freight Forwarding and Customs Clearances at Heathrow Together

Helpfully, Barrington Freight’s operations team do not just offer customs clearance services at Heathrow. We are also experts in freight forwarding, so you can turn to us for a combined service that means your goods will be managed for you from the point they leave your supplier’s warehouse, all the way to the UK and until the moment they arrive with you. We are well-versed in the sort of processes needed for importers of components as well as finished goods and can also help regardless of whether your order(s) will be sent to your depots or directly to your customers. That’s a good thing to know if you run a dropshipping business, for example, or simply want us to arrange cost-effective freight forwarding that also includes customs clearance expertise.

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Turn to Barrington Freight for Professional Customs Clearance Work at Heathrow Airport

Whatever you would like assistance with, our customs clearance agents will be able to deliver. Given how much experience we have with customs clearances at Heathrow, there is no better agency you could choose to help you with speedy and efficient importation processes today.