For many businesses in the UK, not just the Northwest region, imports via Liverpool make great deal of sense. This is because of the large numbers of containers that can be handled at the port. In fact, the Port of Liverpool is capable of berthing not one, but two, 14,000-container ocean-going vessels at the same time. Consequently, the port is hugely important to many British importers of general cargo from countries all over the world.

However, many British businesses will face problems once their imports arrive at Liverpool if their customs declarations and paperwork are not in good order. It is in this regard that the operations team at Barrington Freight can be so helpful. Not only are we expert freight forwarders, helping goods arrive in Liverpool on time, but our work as professional customs clearance agents means that no avoidable delays to their onward journey will occur. By making sure your commodity codes, VAT payments and excise duty declarations are all in good order even before the container carrying your goods arrives in Liverpool port, it means that HMRC will be able to authorise their onward transit by road or rail much more rapidly.

Why have your goods stuck at the Port of Liverpool simply because your customs clearance operation isn’t up to speed? At Barrington Freight we have the licenses in place to deal with imports to Liverpool from virtually every trading nation in the world.

A Freight Forwarding and Customs Clearance Solution in Liverpool

It is worth underlining exactly how we work at Barrington Freight because we are not just a customs clearance agency with expertise handling imports in Liverpool. We also work as freight forwarders. In turn, this means we can handle your consignments from the moment they leave your supplier to the moment they get to your warehouse’s goods-in area. Because we deal with all aspects of importation from start to finish, you do not need to turn to two different firms to support you. Equally, you will not have to invest in building up the necessary skills among your own employees, since we will be able to handle the entire process for you whenever you import goods from overseas suppliers via Liverpool.

In other words, we won’t just negotiate favourable rates with carriers for you but also make sure your firm’s profitability remains high by helping you to avoid other unnecessary business costs. Such unwanted expenditure can often occur if you make an error with your importation documents, for example. Even worse, goods can sometimes be impounded by customs officials while mistakes are sorted out. At Barrington Freight we take care of both aspects of freight movements – customs clearances and freight forwarding – to take the hassle out of  importing goods.

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Select Barrington Freight as Reliable Customs Clearance Agents in Liverpool

With a valid clearing license for clearing customer goods passing through the Port of Liverpool, Barrington Freight is your ideal partner for managing customs clearances. Why not make contact with us by calling 01268 978660 or emailing [email protected] today?