Importing from Belgium to the UK

Belgium has some impressive exports: beer, chocolate, and waffles, not to mention cars, pharmaceutical products, machinery, and a host of other foodstuffs. So importing to the UK from Belgium is still top of the agenda for many importers, even in the more complex post-Brexit market. 

Working with Barrington Freight for your imported goods from Belgium will save you time and money whether you need our fast express or economy service. We will help you navigate the murky post-Brexit customs waters with our experienced team who all have a deep understanding of the new customs requirements. Since the UK split from the EU single market, there are more hoops to jump, but with decades of experience, we can make the process easy. For an easy import shipment, you must be aware of your obligations to get ahead of the curve and get your ducks in a row. 

Belgium is a beautiful country to export from – its excellent road network makes accessible transit and fuss-free freighting. Direct ferry routes and Eurotunnel connections make the UK an easy final delivery destination. No matter your delivery location, we can ship pallets, crates, large boxes, and more with our importing services. All services between the UK and Belgium come with expert advice on getting your load clearing customs swiftly and through to its destination.

Customs Regulations

With the UK no longer an EU country importing from the single market, rules have changed, and in some cases reasonably substantially when it comes to customs requirements. However, post-Brexit imports from the continent are classified as any other foreign country so do your research on the customs requirements for your cargo. EORI (Economic Operator Registration and Identification Number) for both the UK and EU is mandatory. Our blog on What is an EORI Number has more information. Your consignment will ascertain your customs paperwork requirements and how much you need, so research or speak with an advisor. Failure to comply with customs obligations will mean your consignment faces stops or outright refusal at the border, along with more duties and excise. 

VAT and Duty Fees

Post-Brexit imports from a “third country” result in additional duties unless recognised by the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement, allowing tariff-free trade if the goods originated from Belgium. In addition, the exporter needs to make an official customs declaration for the goods to be legalised. For more guidance or advice, speak to your customs agent or freight forwarder. 

How Do I Declare?

Customs declarations are a required shipping requirement, and with the new rules, it’s essential to get this right. Getting it wrong will land you in trouble and create delays. Instead, we recommend hiring a professional who understands your shipment and can aid in an easy transit process. 

Transit Times from Belgium

Road freight delivery to Belgium times can vary but generally take 3-4 days for groupage, 1-2 days for a full load and express. 

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