If you are planning on air freighting your exports via Liverpool Airport John Lennon (LPL), then turn to a professional team of customs clearance agents you can trust. At Barrington Freight, we offer reliable customs clearance work for all British exporters who want to take advantage of the often speedy air freight services on offer at Liverpool Airport. Choosing to export goods to your overseas customers with air freight is often the most convenient – and fastest – method of delivery. However, well-intentioned exporters can let themselves down if their customs clearances are not in good order when their consignments arrive at the airport. This is where Barrington Freight’s expertise in customs declarations can prove to be invaluable.

Because we deal with exported goods at Liverpool Airport all the time, Barrington Freight is your ideal partner in customs clearance work. Not that many exporters – even some of the very large manufacturing firms in the Northwest with significant overseas customer bases – have the in-house know-how to get customs clearances right every time. At Barrington Freight, this is one of our specialisms, so we will be able to get your customs declarations correct with every shipment. Doing so helps to avoid the inevitable delays that will occur at Liverpool Airport if HMRC officials want to clarify things on your paperwork. Turn to the experts and you could save time as well as money on each and every exported delivery you make.

Customs Clearances for Exported Goods From Liverpool Airport

As professional customs clearance agents, Barrington Freight has the working know-how of Liverpool Airport to ensure your goods are not held up by customs officers. All goods need to undergo physical checks when they pass through an international border. However, such inspections will take longer if your paperwork is not clear or has not been completed in full. We will make sure your goods are accompanied by the right documents that match any online declarations that have already been made.

Moreover, the operations team at Barrington Freight will ensure you are properly registered in the first place to make exports via Liverpool John Lennon Airport. For example, if you do not currently have an EORI number, we will register you for one and deal with the rest of the exportation declaration from there. Why deal with the stress, delay and confusion of having your goods impounded at the airport by HMRC when we can take care of everything from the outset? Call us right now to find out how we can put your customs clearance export paperwork in good order for you.

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A Complete Solution for Exporters Using Liverpool Airport’s Air Freight Services

The operations team at Barrington work as experts in customs clearances at Liverpool Airport but we are also freight forwarders. This means you can also turn to us to arrange for your exports to be delivered at every stage of their journey. We’ll pick your overseas consignment up, take it to the airport, and ensure it passes through customs inspections and makes its way onto its flight. We will also arrange secure onward transportation for your delivery on arrival.