International Pallet Deliveries to Slovakia

Want to send a pallet to Slovakia? If so, contact Barrington Freight today because we have decades of experience in sending pallets from the UK to Slovakia for numerous British-based businesses. We can also arrange for the collection of palletised goods from Slovakian suppliers for importing goods to the UK. Either way, you can expect a high level of professionalism and customer service from our dedicated operations team.

Officially known as the Slovak Republic, Slovakia is a member of the European Union and within the so-called Schengen area. The nation shares a border with Poland to the north and Ukraine in the east as well as Hungary to the south. Many of the goods that arrive in Slovakia from the UK on pallets are sent via the European road network, accessing the country from one of its two western neighbours, Austria and the Czech Republic.

Because Slovakia is located in a central position in the EU, it is often considered to be an excellent hub for trade in the region as well as for forwarding goods to the Balkan states, Romania and Bulgaria. As such, much of the work we do with organising palletised deliveries to Slovakia is for British exporters who have customers in the country as well as distributors there who will forward goods to southern and eastern parts of the continent at a later date. Either way, you can rely on Barrington Freight’s operations team to ensure your goods arrive in Slovakia on time and in good condition.

Indeed, as a leading UK freight forwarder, Barrington Freight is considered to be an expert at sending pallets to Slovakia by many satisfied clients who trade with the country. Not only do we provide a fast and affordable delivery that does not compromise on the quality of service but we will also ensure the efficiency of your delivery is maintained throughout its journey across Europe. We can also arrange insurance and other measures to ensure the protection of your cargo, too.

Pallet Shipping to Slovakia from the UK with Barrington Freight

When sending pallets to Slovakia choose Barrington Freight. Why? Because, with our fleet of modern trucks, we are able to cater to any delivery size, large or small. We can take a single pallet from your warehouse or deal with truckloads of palletised goods depending on the sort of shipment you need to be handled. In addition, our operations team will be on hand to process time-sensitive deliveries rapidly so that the goods can begin making their way to Slovakia almost immediately. Bear in mind this doesn’t mean rushing jobs. Such pallet deliveries to Slovakia that need to meet tight deadlines are dealt with just as professionally with no compromise on the quality of service we offer.

Thanks to our many years of experience transporting pallets to Slovakia and beyond, we know the very best routes through Europe to get there. This will often involve avoiding traffic congestion by constantly monitoring the planned route so that potential delays are avoided. With Barrington Freight’s pallet delivery service to Slovakia, it is all about making sure your pallets arrive on time, every time.

In some cases, we will send a van with two drivers who can keep the goods moving towards their final destination without needing to stop. A common route for this is via Calais or Dunkirk travelling through Belgium, Germany and Austria to reach cities like the country’s capital, Bratislava. However, at times it is better to send palletised goods to Slovakia via the Czech Republic, especially when they are heading to places like Košice or Žilina due to their locations. We don’t only use cross channel ferries either. Depending on where your business operates from, it can also be useful to route pallet deliveries to Slovakia via Hook of Holland or Ijmuiden in the Netherlands. We’ll work out the most appropriate way to proceed on your behalf to ensure your expected schedule is met within budget.

Ensure Your Pallet Delivery to Slovakia Clears Customs

Although you are more than welcome to complete your own customs clearances for your palletised delivery to Slovakia, Barrington Freight can help with this aspect of exporting goods to the EU, as well. Since Brexit happened, all British firms have needed to produce customs clearance declarations for goods entering the EU’s customs union before making their way to Slovakia. 

This means they’ll need to pass through the checks HMRC will want to make as the goods leave the UK. Additionally, preparing the documents expected by EU customs officers at whichever port of arrival is used will be needed. Once the goods have been allowed into the trading bloc, no further checks will be needed as they pass on to their ultimate destination in Slovakia, however.

As expert customs clearance agents, Barrington Freight can also prepare the necessary importation paperwork for pallets coming from Slovakia to the UK. We’ve dealt with such arrangements many times before. Why try to deal with such technical administrative work yourself, when we can organise the pallet delivery and the paperwork that goes with it on your behalf?

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Barrington Freight is an established UK freight forwarding firm with many years of experience sending pallets and freight all over the world. No matter where you happen to operate from in the UK, we will be able to have your palletised goods collected and ready for their journey to Slovakia rapidly. This is because of our extensive network of vans and trucks that are just ready to be deployed for such work. When you have important business shipments to send on a pallet, place your trust in a team with unrivalled experience. Why not get in touch with us to see how we can help you to streamline your pallet deliveries to Slovakia right now?

Where is Slovakia Located?

Slovakia is located in Central Europe. The landlocked country borders Ukraine to the east while the main part of the country’s northern frontier is with Poland. Slovakia shares a common border with Austria in the west and Hungary to the south. Since 1993, when it separated from Czechoslovakia, Slovakia has also shared an international border with Czechia to its northwest.

Where is Slovakia Located?

Slovenia is in Central Europe, bordering the Adriatic Sea and the Alps between Austria and Croatia. It also borders Hungary and Italy.