At Barrington Freight, we do professional customs clearance work for exporters who use the Port of Liverpool to ship their goods. With multiple crossings each week over the Irish Sea to Dublin as well as Douglas on the Isle of Mann, we can assist any British firm that is exporting goods and needs assistance with their customs clearances at the port. In the post-Brexit environment, we will also be able to offer our extensive expertise about what to do with shipments from the mainland to Northern Ireland whether or not they will continue to make their onward journey into the Republic.

As a first-class customs clearance agency, we can help with every aspect of getting goods through the port and onto their final destination without having to face delays or additional scrutiny because something isn’t quite right on the exportation documents. We have been dealing with this sort of paperwork with customs officials for years and, therefore, have a wealth of experience to share with matters like commodity codes and whether any export licenses or additional certification may be needed. We have the in-house knowledge that so many British firms lack when making shipments that will pass over the Irish Sea. As such, you can turn to us with great confidence that you will get an expert job done and no needless delays at Liverpool port will occur.

Ask Barrington Freight to Help With Customs Clearances at Liverpool

We handle everything that passes through the Port of Liverpool for our clients from within our operations team. This means that we are set up to organise multiple consignment declarations whenever they might be needed. As opposed to many exporting firms that may only have one – or even no – export clerks, we have a team on hand ready to cope with any situation. We don’t just have the relevant experience dealing with HMRC for goods that are leaving the country but also have the international licenses in place to assist with customs inspections that occur when goods arrive.

If you would like us to assist with so-called simplified declaration processes or think that you might be better served by applying for an authorised economic operator status, then we are on hand to provide our professional guidance. As experts in customs clearance work via Liverpool, you are always in good hands at Barrington Freight.

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The operations team at Barrington Freight functions in a multi-functional way. This means that you can also book us to carry out freight forwarding work on your behalf if you would like. If so, then we can arrange for the collection of your shipment whether it is a single pallet of goods or an entire lorry load. We’ll then get it to an appropriate ferry service from Liverpool and have it board without any problems with customs checks at the port so it will arrive with your customer in the shortest amount of time possible. Please contact us today for more information.