Situated in the Mendip Hills, Bristol International Airport (BRS) is actually located just outside of the city in North Somerset. Given its history of global trade, there are many businesses in and around Bristol that import and export goods internationally. Of course, imports can also arrive by sea into the Southwest region but air freight operators are often able to produce faster results, especially when long-distance consignments are being despatched, such as those from the Middle East or China, for example. Under such circumstances, having a good customs clearance agent to handle the paperwork for you would be a good idea, especially if the agency in question were to have experience in handling imports through Bristol’s airport.

This is exactly the sort of work we do at Barrington Freight. We have been working as a customs clearance agency in the UK for decades and can help your business to ensure that all of its importation documents are in good order ready for when they are inspected by HMRC officers at the airport. All too often, companies that try to do their own clearance work will find that even relatively minor details that are recorded incorrectly will lead to hold ups with their goods. Even worse, if HMRC thinks that something has been wilfully declared that isn’t the case, then it can lead to a much fuller investigation of all your commercial dealings.

As such, it is much more preferable to work with experienced customs clearance professionals who know what they are doing at Bristol Airport. At Barrington Freight, we have all of the accreditations and licenses that are needed to manage goods as they cross international borders. Even better, we can help you whether your supplier is in Africa, Asia, South America, North America or Europe. Indeed, we can guide you if you have been used to receiving orders from European Union countries without the need for customs declarations through Bristol International Airport but who now find they need help in this area.

Combine Our Bristol Customs Clearance Skills With Freight Forwarding

It is worth bearing in mind that Barrington Freight is a UK-based freight forwarding company as well as a customs clearance agency. As such, we can combine both types of service and deliver them for you from under one roof. Not only does this often make things run quicker and more cost-effectively but you will have just one team managing the entire importation process for you. Few competitors can match us in this regard, so why not ask us about how we can help to streamline your current importation processes in Bristol?

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Why Select Barrington Freight For Customs Clearance Imports in Bristol?

With all of the expertise you could ever need for customs clearance services in Bristol, there is no finer choice you could make than Barrington Freight. Whether you need help with VAT, excise duty or which commodity coding to use on your import paperwork, we will have the answer. Feel free to phone or email us today.