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International Freight to Slovenia

Since joining the EU in 2004, the volume of and demand for road freight to Slovenia or back has grown incredibly – at least in part due to the fact that customs documentation is no longer needed for cargo from the UK to “Republika Slovenija”. As major freight forwarders to Slovenia, Barrington Freight are at the centre of the European haulage industry – including affordable Slovenian pallet delivery, general groupage to Slovenia, bespoke transport of awkward or difficult loads, express services and more.

The capital city of Ljubljana is our main local distribution point. Having Slovene partner depots with “men on the ground” provides us with a great logistics network and local expertise. All this adds up to an affordable delivery service that is the envy of our competitors. Our export and import services to and from Slovenia reach out to every city town and village including Ljubljana, Maribor, Celje, Kranj, Velenje, Koper / Capodistria, Novo Mesto, Ptuz, Trbovlje, Kamnik, Jesenice, Domzale, Nova Gorica, Skofja Loka, Murska Sobota, and Izola amongst others.

Here at Barrington Freight, we specialise in B2B shipments, however for those looking for non-commercial and domestic shipments, our partners Anglo Pacific can easily provide a reliable and trustworthy service to suit.

Sending Freight Shipments To Slovenia

Our staff and management have plenty of experience in shipping via Slovenia road freight and are able to deliver to any of the five regions of the country including Carinthia, Styria, Slovene Littoral, Prekmurje and Carniola. Each region is well-served by a number of motorways and main roads that make for quick and simple delivery for the most part. However, some of the lesser-travelled roads tend to be in a poor condition which is where our expertise and local partners come into play. We have a number of trustworthy connections within Slovenia, and by delivering to local depots, we can ensure your cargo is in the safe hands of those who truly know the area, enabling you to receive your cargo in good time.

We have trucks, trailers and vans leaving everyday from the UK, so if you’re looking for a groupage Slovenia road freight service for your small shipment, you’re certainly in luck here at Barrington Freight. In most cases, we’ll have availability for your shipment to join one just about to go out, with pick up and drop off included. The fact that we are an independent company shouldn’t deter any potential clients, either! Our professional yet friendly service allows for us to utilise our valuable connections with major couriers abroad to assist and take over cargo shipments where necessary to ensure that your items arrive on time. We’ll still keep track and in contact with the shipment at all times, so you can have peace of mind at every step of the journey.

Why Send Freight To Slovenia With Barrington Freight?

Slovenia are famous for the export of a number of electrical machinery, road vehicles, chemicals, footwear, furniture, food and even cigarettes, and with much of our shipments to Slovenia via road freight including manufactured goods, transport equipment and other machinery, it’s easy to see why Slovenia road freight is such an in-demand service. We even have a range of vehicles on hand at any one time, including vans, trucks and Euroliners, to cater to any size of shipment where we need to! All you have to do is get in touch, pack up your shipments and we’ll cover the rest.

In some cases, we can even offer next day delivery to Slovenia! The drive from the UK to Slovenia via road freight will take around 15 hours non-stop and using our two-man teams, this is an easy feat due to an absence or minimisation of rest breaks along the journey. Our secure service not only ensures the safety of your cargo, but it also ensures fast and on-time delivery every time. If you have the luxury of extra time, our 48 hour or economy services are another alternative and often come at a lower cost. For those on a budget, these cheaper but equally as efficient services could be a great alternative.

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For urgent pan-European haulage, don’t even consider air freight to Slovenia. Our express road freight vans offer a much simpler option, and with our express van haulage to Slovenia, you can get urgent next day delivery services or more economical 48 hour/2-day services from door-to-door! Our economy groupage services are legendary, with our cheap pallet delivery (especially for standard 120×100 and 120×80-centimetre base pallets) ensuring the cheapest international shipping costs for groupage to Slovenia.

If guaranteed fast delivery times, dedicated secure transport, or careful handling of fragile cargo are priorities for your Slovenia road freight, then look no further than Barrington Freight. Ring us today on 01268 525 444 for your exports or imports to and from Slovenia, or click here to get your online QuickQuote now! Let your cargo from the UK to Slovenia or back benefit from cheap international shipping costs – our friendly professional agents and advisors are all experienced freight forwarders to Slovenia.

Use Barrington Freight for all your haulage to and from Slovenia via road freight!

Where is Slovenia located?

Slovenia is in Central Europe, bordering the Adriatic Sea and the Alps between Austria and Croatia. It also borders Hungary and Italy.