Importing from China has always been a delicate business, filled with lots of seemingly small details that eventually make a huge difference in the long run. Therefore, if you want to import from Nantong to the UK, it’s best to do a bit of research on your own, even as you look for a shipping partner you can trust. Whether you are a large company moving items or a small business moving a small consignment, the tips in this guide will make the process easier for you. In this guide, we cover:

  • How to ship through peak seasons,
  • How to control costs and transit times, and
  • How to choose between FCL and LCL.

How will Chinese New Year affect my Shipping Schedule?

From Late January to early February, all factories and facilities in China shut down for Chinese New Year celebrations. This suspension of shipping activities causes prices to spike and major delays. Most Chinese ports including the port of Nantong are closed for this duration, therefore any shipments planned just before Chinese New Year have to wait till after the celebrations. Also, prices rise steadily leading up to the holiday, so it’s best to ship well before January. If this is not possible then the next best option is to wait to ship after the celebrations, when the process returns to normal. Apart from Chinese New Year, three other Chinese festivals have a noticeable impact on shipping activities:

  • Golden Week festival running from October 1st to the following week.
  • Dragon Boat Festival running for three days during June
  • Holiday Shopping Season, running from October to December for air freight and July to October for sea freight.

The best time to ship from Nantong to the UK is from March to June. However, if you find that you cannot avoid shipping over peak seasons, this is what you can do.

How Can I Control Costs and Shipping Time from Nantong to the UK

When shipping from Nantong to the UK, it’s best to plan so that you keep costs under control. A few weeks can make a huge difference in your shipping experience, especially during peak seasons.

Sea freight is the most affordable, but it also takes the longest time. Therefore, if you want to take advantage of the affordable rates of maritime shipping, you need to book in advance. Having a leeway of a few days in case of any delays will make the shipping process much less stressful.

You also want to avoid shipping during peak season if you can help it. Prices and transit times spike during the Chinese new year and other holidays, so ship during off-peak seasons whenever you can. Before you begin shipping, do your research in advance, know your HS codes and get your documentation in order. Your freight forwarder will have an easier time getting your goods into the country if you avail all documents in good time. HS codes will show you the customs fees and processes involved in shipping cargo from Nantong to the UK, and you cannot budget effectively without them.

Your Forwarder Can Help You beat Peak Season Chaos

Your freight forwarder can help you sail smoothly through peak season. To beat the price and transit times spike during peak season, you need to decide which of your cargo needs to get to you first. If you are a clothing outlet importing clothing over October to sell during Christmas, what do you need on your shelves? Shipments often get delayed during peak season and one of the major reasons is container rollover. If the vessel transporting your FCL or LCL shipment is at overcapacity, the container has to be accommodated in another ship. To avoid having all of your inventory delayed, you should inform your freight forwarder which boxes or containers hold the most urgent goods. That way, they can protect the higher priority goods in case the shipment is rolled.

Choosing between FCL and LCL

Cargo size is the most important factor to consider when choosing between Full Container Load and Less than Container Load shipments. If your cargo is not large enough to fill a full 20ft or 40ft shipping container, LCL is for you. Your cargo will be shipped along with other goods in the same container, and you will pay for the space occupied (cbm). If your cargo is large enough to fill a full container, then you will pay a flat rate for shipping a full container. Even if your cargo cannot fill an entire container, once it hits a certain volume, it’s better to pay a slightly higher price for a full container. You will enjoy faster transit times and higher security.

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