Importing from Czech Republic to the UK

The Czech Republic is a stunning and historically rich country most well known for its bustling and beautiful capital, Prague. Built on the banks of the Vltava River with its myriad of bridges and waterways, spires towering into the sky, and an eclectic mix of styles influenced by eras of artists, writers and musicians that flocked to the city in years gone by. The city is also known for great food, wine and beer. It’s also the gateway to the industrial and production power that runs throughout the country, making importing Czech goods an obvious choice for many UK companies. 

Centrally located, the Czech Republic can quickly ship to Germany, Russia, and Central and Eastern Europe if that is part of your business. Imports to the UK are quick and easy, predominantly by road freight, but also via rail links, sea and air. The republic was the UK’s 27th largest trading partner in 2019, and although trade has slowed somewhat post-Brexit, and due to COVID, this country is an essential trading partner for the UK. 


Customs Requirements

Post-Brexit, bringing any goods in from Europe will require more paperwork, declarations and clearances. It’s also important to research licences or restrictions on your goods. As the republic is a single market member but the UK is not, it’s advisable to use a customs clearance agent as the UK is now a “third country” with no special considerations. We advise doing your research and speaking to your freight forwarder and customs agent for guidance. 

VAT and Duty Fees

VAT and duties are calculated on the value of the goods, so incomplete documents will cause delays and incorrect calculations, ultimately costing you more. Brexit has already meant there are more duties and tariffs payable, so it’s best to minimise any unnecessary costs such as warehousing held cargo. 

The EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement allows goods produced in the Czech Republic tariff-free to the UK when the business sending the goods makes a customs declaration to confirm the original manufacturing location of the goods, so it’s worth researching to see if your shipment qualifies. We recommend talking to your customs agent or freight forwarder for up to date and straightforward advice on this and any other requirements. 

Transit Times Croatia 

Freight forwarding and transit times from the Czech Republic to the UK average 5-6 days for groupage, 2-3 days for a full load, and 1-2 days for express delivery. Specific times vary depending on customs clearance and various other factors that may be beyond our control. Discussing your needs with our team is the best place to start, and if you require more expeditious delivery times, have a chat on how we can do that for you. 

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