Exporting to Slovakia from the UK

Barrington Freight are expert freight forwarders from the UK to Slovakia, providing quick service whether goods need to go express, full load, partial load, or groupage. Our crew of experts include customs advisors to help your cargo travel to Slovakia, get easy clearance at the borders and be delivered on time. We have decades of experience shipping across the EU, even in post-Brexit times. We know how to ensure your haulage is compliant.

Slovakia is a small nation with a population of 5.5 million, but it has a vibrant history and remarkable preservation of folk traditions, including folk architecture and folk dancing. Each region has its own style, and there are over 100 folk dance troops engaging in this fast dance style accompanied by violins, bass and cymbalo, and colourful costumes. Alongside traditions, the nation is known to have the highest number of castles and châteaux’s in the world. It’s a rich historical place for those who like to dig into the long lost past of feudal kingdoms and lords and life gone by. 

Slovakia is also a land of breathtaking scenery with towering mountains, many of which are protected as national parks. Adventurous souls can go hiking in these areas. However, they must be aware there are still wild bears and wolves in these regions and throughout the Slovak-Moravian Carpathians – Europe’s last true wilderness areas. The majority of Slovakia is up to or over an elevation of 800m (2600ft) along the Carpathians mountain range and the Tatras range. Slovakia is also a hub for budget ski resorts and enthusiasts without the price tag of the Swiss Alps.

But Slovakia’s dramatic scenery isn’t just the mountains – it also is home to over 6000 caves featuring labyrinthine tunnels and enormous rock features. These spawn the over 1600 mineral springs that can be found throughout the country as sources of drinking mineral water, hot thermal baths and spa towns built around. There are also lush forest plains and winding rivers breaking up the landscape. This diversity truly makes Slovakia a genuinely wondrous place to visit and trade with. 

There are many possibilities for UK companies to import goods and products to Slovakia, and currently, the most imported products are vehicle parts, petroleum and petroleum products, amongst many others. Even post-Brexit and with additional border restrictions, duties and paperwork, trade opportunities are still substantial, especially with an experienced freight forwarder to smooth the way. Barrington Freight will manage your cargo and guide you every step of the way, making shipping easy. Call us and discover how we can help.

Road Freight to Slovakia from the UK

Shipments from the UK to Slovakia currently take 5-7 days for groupage, 2-3 days for full or partial load, or 1-2 days express. If your freight needs faster delivery, call us to discuss available possibilities.

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